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swallowed bubble gum

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peaceandlight Sun 31-Jul-05 16:04:20

is it o.k ?
ds is 6

happymerryberries Sun 31-Jul-05 16:05:19

So hav I (43) never done me any harm....did it at his age too!

QueenOfQuotes Sun 31-Jul-05 16:08:09

I ALWAYS used to swallow bubble gum until when I was about 17 someone told me you shouldn't (they couldn't give me an explanation though) Hasn't done me any harm either (well I'm slightly mad......... )

flowerfairy Sun 31-Jul-05 16:26:14

Not that this helps but my mum used to tell me at that age, it could wrap around your heart, as if! LOL. Since when has your stomach and intestines led to your heart ,not that I'ma doctor mind.

I don't think it will do any serious harm.

QueenOfQuotes Sun 31-Jul-05 16:29:00


is one article about swallowing bubble gum (it's an American site)

Here's a lovely thought from it

"Because gum base is insoluble, it cannot be digested and will pass through the digestive system in one piece within a few days of being swallowed."

QueenOfQuotes Sun 31-Jul-05 16:31:50

or a British article on the same subject matter (mentions the wrapping around organs LOL)

trefusis Sun 31-Jul-05 17:49:18

Message withdrawn

megandsoph Sun 31-Jul-05 18:43:57


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