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After abortion advice please. Anyone?

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dunnoreally Fri 30-Apr-10 20:30:33

It's not easy doing this.

I had an abortion about 2 months ago. A surgical at a Marie Stoppes. It was not a positive experience, I didn't rate the care on the day at all.

So I am still loosing watery stuff, sometimes fresh red, and sometimes brown.

Twice have lost stringy stuff that looks like membrane type stuff. Not nice I know. I do feel a bit bloated and period painy some days.

Is this normal in anyone's experience? I know lots won't want to say as they won't want others to know they had one, but I can't face ringing the helpline because I am so angry with them after my experience.

I also had the mirena coil fitted so maybe that's what is causing the bleeding, but do you think they just left some bits behind?

I'm frightened.

thisisyesterday Fri 30-Apr-10 20:35:21

has the loss stopped at all since you had it done?

who fitted the coil? did they say it was ok to be fitted before the loss had finished?

i don't know specifically about terminations but I do have a friend who miscarried and bled on and off for well over 8 weeks...

if you are concerned then see your GP, or go to your local walk-in centre if you have one, they ought to be able to scan and see if there are any retained products

dunnoreally Fri 30-Apr-10 20:37:34


They fitted it when they had done the abortion, straight away.

It never stops completely, will always have a brown smear at least by the end of the day. It's the bit of 'stuff' that is bothering me most I think.

Sorry to reveal my kncker habits to the world!!!!

Christ I can't face taking this to the GP y'know? sad

thisisyesterday Fri 30-Apr-10 20:38:42

awww how about calling the BPAS? I had a termination with them some years ago now, and they were absolutely fantastic. I wonder if they could give you some advice?

Molesworth Fri 30-Apr-10 20:39:47

You poor thing - this must be really distressing for you. It may well be normal bleeding/discharge after having the Mirena fitted, but I think you need to see your GP (totally understand your unwillingness to ring the helpline). Or how about calling NHS Direct tonight - they might be able to put your mind at rest?

I hope you are feeling better soon x

dunnoreally Fri 30-Apr-10 20:41:17

Maybe. I probably should just ring the helpline shouldn't I. The Marie Stopes one. After all it isn't the people on the phones at fault.

Thank you very much for answering. It's probably all just the coil settling in.

Northernlurker Fri 30-Apr-10 20:42:22

You poor thing sad

I think you do need to get some medical advice tbh. What would be easiest - Gp or maybe a walk in clinic? I know you don't want to do that but if you have an infection or some retained products then you must get it sorted or you could be compromising your health. I'm sorry you had such a bad time but you don't have to go back to that clinic - just get some advice from somewhere please

thisisyesterday Fri 30-Apr-10 20:43:24

bpas site there is a number on there you can ring

dunnoreally Fri 30-Apr-10 20:44:55

Ok. I'll ring now. Will stop being a ninny and just get on with it.

Thank you. Lovely people.

Molesworth Fri 30-Apr-10 20:45:02

I would've thought the Marie Stopes helpline will be more immediately useful to you than NHS Direct, but either way I'm sure someone will be able to put your mind at rest. The Mirena does take a while to 'settle' so it probably is that, but best to be on the safe side.

dunnoreally Fri 30-Apr-10 20:51:22

Ok the nurses are ringing back in an hour or so.

The chap was sweet actually.

Tell you what though, I'd never suggest it to a friend. It is so impersonal and totally lacking in privacy.

oh well, musn't dwell. See what nurse Stopes says.

Molesworth Fri 30-Apr-10 20:52:22

Aww well done dunno. I hope they call you back quickly and are able to reassure you

thisisyesterday Fri 30-Apr-10 20:54:22

let us know what they say, i do hope it's nothing and just the coil settling in

dunnoreally Fri 30-Apr-10 20:59:01

I will. Thanks for replies. I probably wouldn't have rang, but t felt easier doing it 'lve on thread'

Madwoman that I am. I just really don't want to need a scan. REALLY NOT NO DON'T WANT TO.

Molesworth Fri 30-Apr-10 21:01:29

I bet it's the Mirena settling, honestly (had exactly the same procedure some years ago myself - memory is a bit hazy now but I definitely had cramps + bleeding for quite a while afterwards)

Mouseface Fri 30-Apr-10 21:12:43


I had a termination through MS in 2003. The result of a very abusive and violent relationship.

I wanted the baby, he didn't so he beat me until I agreed to terminate.

Anyway, I had the same procedure as you and hated it. The pain was awful. The service made me feel like a cheap slut. The staff were rude and uncaring. It was like a conveyor belt.

Truly horrid.

It sounds as though your coil may be prolonging your symptoms post termination. Bedding in as others have said.

I hope you're ok. Really. x

Molesworth Fri 30-Apr-10 21:13:38

Bloody hell mouseface, I'm so sorry you went through that

Hope things are better for you now

dunnoreally Fri 30-Apr-10 21:17:32


I'm sad to read about what happened to you. My circumstances are far different. It must have been a lonely road for you sad

Were you at Marie Stopes? Can you believe them? I remember watching a documentary way back on Russia, or some country that was part of the USSR. It showed women attending back street clnics [more as a form of contraception really] and it was bleak.

Well it was no bloody different in Leeds, except they had a carpet and a few plants around.

I have just emailed saying I want to make a complaint. I need to do it.

Mouseface Fri 30-Apr-10 21:42:39


Manchester branch of Marie S.

You do need to complain otherwise they will not improve, speak up my girl!

LOL re plants, yes Manc was the same!!!

molesworth - yes, life is wonderful now. I left the tw@t. He raised his hand one time too many. Goodbye you fcuker. I hope you die.

He's not dead. Wishful thinking. I've moved far, far away from him now. Very happily married with 2 DCs.

dunnoreally Fri 30-Apr-10 22:18:26

have to go back sad

SHe said that I might be getting a period, but I need a scan to see if there was anything left behind. Then I might need surgery and I should go nil by mouth.

Bastard. It's about 120 miles away and I have 2 young children and am Saturday night. Nice relaxing life isn't it?

Oh Goooood I so don't want to go back in that hateful building.

thisisyesterday Fri 30-Apr-10 22:21:53

dunno... you do not have to go back there. really, you don't

would you feel more comfortable going to your local hospital? they will be able to scan you and do anything that MS can do.
is there someone that could go with you and explain the situation so that you don't have to?

dunnoreally Fri 30-Apr-10 22:43:38

Sadly for me I work at the local hospital, and everyone in the trust would know my business - and then the whole town. It's a bit inbred around here. :-/

I think I have to go back. I chose my road and I have to walk it don't I. I can't risk everyone knowing locally.

My eldest was already going to a family member overnight for a visit. Littlest will have to stay in the car with husband while I go in alone. Again.

Bet it's nothing. All that way for nothing. WHich is what I left with the last time I went. Jesus this is shit!

differentnameforthis Fri 30-Apr-10 23:29:23

Please get checked out. I had the mirena fitted after a surgical termination & I had very similar symptoms (odd discharge, pain etc) and had an infection.

I know now that coils shouldn't be fitted at the same time as terminations because they can push bacteria into the uterus.

dunnoreally Fri 30-Apr-10 23:33:07


I will. Thanks for the advice different. Did you have any other symptoms? I feel fine and surely I'd be ill if infected?

I think they left a little bit behind that my body id dealing with - probably dealing with it fine infact. I've expelled 2 left over bits already.

That's a bit scary about the coil pushing nfection up.

differentnameforthis Fri 30-Apr-10 23:53:31

I didn't feel ill with the infection, just increased, odd, foul smelling discharge & mainly period type pains. But then I started cramping quite badly on occasion.

It may not be that, but I was told that cramps after 4 weeks for the mirena were not normal.

I hope you get it sorted soon, it must be awful for you going through this & wondering if you still have something that has been left behind.

Let us know what happens!

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