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Do you get a headache when you're tired?

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ssd Sun 31-Jul-05 12:02:40

I always do and I'm worried this isn't normal. I've had my eyes tested recently, it's not that.

Does anyone else find this?

nannyjo Sun 31-Jul-05 12:04:31

yes i do, if i'm feeling sad or tired or poorly it's usually mt head that gets it first.

ScrewballMuppet Sun 31-Jul-05 12:05:32

yes a really headbanging one!

Miaou Sun 31-Jul-05 12:10:32

I used to, until I met dh! He is a real fan of drinking lots of fluids (non-alcoholic ones ) and, when I compared how much I drank in a day compared to him, even taking into account our different sizes, I was drinking nowhere near enough. He used to get me a drink whenever he had one, and sure enough, I stopped getting anything like as many headaches. I still only drink a half-pint to his pint, though

ABow Sun 31-Jul-05 12:45:19

Most defintitely! And sometimes when I get really really tired I get tremors and dizzy too. Had it checked out and theres no neurological cause. Its just one of those things. Sleep is the only cure

Lonelymum Sun 31-Jul-05 12:47:42

If I am really badly tired (ie, not just at the end of a normal day) then, yes I get a headache. I can also feel sick, fluey, all sorts. I wouldn't worry about this unless you are getting them really frequently (I think I read once that one headache every month was totally normal in adults).

ssd Mon 01-Aug-05 08:06:25

Yes sleep is the answer, you would think I'd know by now!

Eeek Mon 01-Aug-05 08:15:48

You might also not be eating well enough, or enough of the right things. I find cereal or something plus a glass of water often helps. Its worth knowing that you can have rebound headaches if you take a lot of painkillers too. Headaches are often caused by changes in the blood flow at the back of the head - try resting your head on either a warm or cool (only trial will tell you which) pillow - I use frozen peas. That'll often take the worst away.

ssd Mon 01-Aug-05 08:30:25

good tip, thanks.

alison222 Mon 01-Aug-05 14:50:04

yes only when I'm exhaused though. It used to trigger migranes. Since the children came along I haven't had a single migrane though jsut the odd headache. Sleep is the cure in my case

Gobbledigook Mon 01-Aug-05 14:50:33

I do. I also feel sick if I'm really tired.

Pomi Mon 01-Aug-05 22:17:33

Yes I do have headaches but mine are mostly because of my iron deficiency. Also lack of sleep and my constipation give me headache.

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