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Temp of 40+ no other symptoms - take him back to docs?

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bobbybob Sun 31-Jul-05 07:14:57

Ds woke this morning about 2 hours later than normal and was boiling hot (40+)and collapsed when he tried to walk. So we took him to emergency doctors who did a urine sample and told us to give him tepid baths and keep giving him nurofen (for complicated allergy reasons we can't give pamol and he isn't eating so won't have crushed paracetamol tablets).

He keeps falling asleep when his temp gets over 40. It's 6pm here, is there any point taking him back when his only symptom is a high temperature.

mandyc66 Sun 31-Jul-05 07:41:16

I would deffinately take him back.
Remember they get better as quickly as they become ill
Dont worry about being a nuisance he is your baby and you need to make sure he is ok!

bobbybob Sun 31-Jul-05 07:42:57

Not at all worried about being a nuisance as we have to pay here!

I am just worried that by keep taking him out, waiting around in waiting rooms when there is nothing the doctor can do it would just be better for him to be at home where he is comfortable.

mandyc66 Sun 31-Jul-05 07:45:50

call the doctor to you?
you can see him. Use your own gut reaction. We all know our own children best.

mandyc66 Sun 31-Jul-05 07:46:25

he might sleep it off! what is his temp now. Has it come down at all?

bobbybob Sun 31-Jul-05 08:04:00

Still 39.5 but he is asleep in last years shortie pjs in his cot.

Fran1 Sun 31-Jul-05 08:14:22

I don't know about nurofen, but i know if calpol doesn't reduce the calpol then yes you should get medical advice, would assume the same applies for nurofen.

lilaclotus Sun 31-Jul-05 08:18:35

we had the same with our dd a few weeks ago. 40+ fever, which came down and then shot back up, no other symptoms. also took her to the emergency doctor who said and did the same as with your ds. it went after 4 days. we just kept topping her up with ibuprofen and calpol, stripping her to her knickers and put a wet flannel on her forehead. hope he'll be ok soon.

Jimjams Sun 31-Jul-05 08:25:41

I'd keep him home providing neck isn't stiff or anything, or there isn't anything else worrying you. High temps are good for fighting the illness- I'd just let him sleep. When ds1 is ill his temp always goes up to 41, ds2's is usually lower- just below 40 normally- I just roll theiir necks around when they're awake and shine an occaisonal torch in their eyes. otherwise I tend to let them sleep.

bobbybob Sun 31-Jul-05 08:28:28

His neck is very floppy and he's happy to be in the bright light. I'll take him to our usual doctor tomorrow.

mandyc66 Sun 31-Jul-05 21:14:43

how is he now?

bobbybob Sun 31-Jul-05 23:11:57

He's still very flat, not eating and happy just to sit staring into space. I spent half the night shivering in bed and coughing so I think I may have the same thing.

mandyc66 Sun 31-Jul-05 23:14:10

oh no poor you!
Hope you both feel better soon!
Can you take paracetamol? if so have a couple!!

bobbybob Mon 01-Aug-05 03:33:54

I can take paracetamol and nurofen but still feel awful. Ds has bounced back and apart from crying at anything that looks at him funny I think he has turned to corner. Happily he is still ill enough to think watch non stop DVDs is a good idea.

Dh has stayed at home with us and he is now coughing...

triceratops Mon 01-Aug-05 08:39:36

I don't want to be a scaremonger and it is almost certainly just a childhood virus but my ds had similar symptoms (unexplained high temperature that came and went) and our GP said it was one of the early signs of leukemia. It turned out to be Hepatitis A in ds case and he is fine now. If the temp comes back over a few days it is worth getting a blood test to see how his liver is doing (the liver controls body temp).

bobbybob Mon 01-Aug-05 22:36:29

We all have flu now - ds is getting better dh is awful and I am somewhere in between.

mandyc66 Tue 02-Aug-05 07:15:27

poor you. hope you all feel better soon. of course dh will have it worse and you will have to play nurse!!

bobbybob Tue 02-Aug-05 07:46:59

PIL took ds for the day, but took him out on an adventure and wore the poor boy out. he now has big bags under his eyes and is very clingy. Dh has emerged from his pit but is very low on energy. MIL made lots of soup and stew which is great.

mandyc66 Tue 02-Aug-05 08:01:03

well its good you are getting some help.
Just all cuddle up together and watch telly!! and eat soup!

bobbybob Tue 02-Aug-05 22:43:59

Day 4 still ill. Going to cancel all my work for the rest of the week.

bobbybob Thu 04-Aug-05 05:20:18

Day 5 - still ill. ds slept from 5.30pm-8am last night and we did nearly as long. I hate having flu.

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