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Janbo25 Sat 30-Jul-05 23:15:26

Hi i think i may have gallstones after speaking to doc earlier, as anyone else had them and what symptoms did they have???

edgetop Sun 31-Jul-05 00:02:49

i had them years ago,the pains would be bad then wear off,they got so bad i went to dr he sent me for a scan,i had keyhole surgery in hospital two more pain.i have cut the story down,what i would say is go to drs asap,its easy to treat.

Janbo25 Sun 31-Jul-05 09:29:31

i went to drs earlier and thats what he suspects given me some anti spasmodic tablets in the meantime what other symptoms did you have?

jalopy Sun 31-Jul-05 09:42:22

Janbo25, I've had this and it's horrible. My symptoms were severe episodes of central chestpain, unrelieved by anything. The pain was so bad it took my breath away. I had a scan that showed lots of sludge and stones in my gall bladdder and along my biliary tract. I needed an endoscopy-type operation to remove the stones from the tract and key-hole surgery to remove the gall bladder. Most peoople only need the one operation to remove the gall bladder. I was unlucky! Anyway, I'm absolutely fine and have had no further problems. Good luck to you.

Janbo25 Sun 31-Jul-05 09:52:57

i too have got similar symptoms, of chest pain which sometimes make me fell as if i;m breathless but not and then pain mainly to my right hand side of my stomach just under the ribs, which sometimes can feel like acid, ulceration pain in the centre

edgetop Sun 31-Jul-05 10:07:09

hi janbo25 i didnt go into to much detail last night,ididnt want to worry you,what you have said so far sounds same as what i went dr gave me gavescon to take which helped some of the time.what has your dr said is going to happen ie are you going for a scan?

Janbo25 Sun 31-Jul-05 10:17:42

well i saw emergency dr yesterday and he said that he thinks it is gallstones and to see my own dr on monday he has given me mebeverine in the meantime, i'm just glad we seem to have sorted the problem because it has been causing me worry, are you able to tell me anymore?

edgetop Sun 31-Jul-05 10:49:20

janbo25,it was about 1994 when ihad my gallstones,while this was happening ihad a misscarriage& my ex left me,i went to live with my mum which didnt work out,so i was depressed as well,so i dont rember all the details,i supose i,m not much good to you,but i just wanted to try to comfort you im sure your dr will get it sorted.

jalopy Sun 31-Jul-05 12:06:01

I think the symptoms can vary with people. Sometimes people can suffer shoulder/back pain with gallstones. Pain under the ribs on the right side might indicate gallstones too. Anti-spasmodics can help but are not always effective. An attack of gallstones can happen after meals and you can feel very nauseated.
If your GP thinks it is gallstones, he will arrange for you to have a scan. I'm not sure of the waiting times on the NHS. Hope you don't suffer too much with pain this weekend.

mishmash Sun 31-Jul-05 12:36:30

The pain I used to get was like having a heart attack - very severe - was lucky to get with key hole surgery as my gall bladder was completely blocked with stones and very inflamed.

Janbo25 Sun 31-Jul-05 16:32:28

i have been having the chest pain for sometime now but the stomach pain as only just really started

bumptobabies Sun 31-Jul-05 16:51:16

hi janbo i had them last year and had them removed. it felt like an elastic band right round my middle on agood day and agony the rest i went to a&e as id had enough, i was admitted and had them removed ive been fine since.
hope you sort yours out in one way or another.

Janbo25 Sun 31-Jul-05 18:44:34

did you get chest pain to bump?

bumptobabies Mon 01-Aug-05 08:13:01

yes i got pain all round that area and in my back it was terrible, i feel for you.
have you thought about having them out?

Janbo25 Mon 01-Aug-05 09:21:02

i need to see my own gp this week to arrange for the scan to 100% confirm.

did you also feel breathless sometimes like someone was stood on your chest??

jalopy Mon 01-Aug-05 09:25:08

Jambo25, are you pregnant at the moment or is this post pregnancy?

Janbo25 Mon 01-Aug-05 09:32:01

post pregnancy I had my ds in january but have these symptoms since

jalopy Mon 01-Aug-05 10:21:10

My symptoms started 10 weeks after 2nd baby. It's fairly common post pregnancy.

Janbo25 Mon 01-Aug-05 10:31:35

is the operation done with local or general anesthetic?

jalopy Mon 01-Aug-05 10:38:25

Sorry, I've just realised I've been spelling your name incorrectly. The operation to remove gallstones is done under general anaesthetic.

Janbo25 Mon 01-Aug-05 11:48:32

lol it doesn't matter, just worried about general anesthetic because i am overweight

jamese Mon 01-Aug-05 12:54:42

I am also waiting for a scan for suspected gall stones. I had the pain on and off for about 5 months before I actually got around to going to docs.

At first it was only for about an hour - but last month the pain lastest all night and some of next day. Terrible pain. I link the pain to when I had eaten either fatty foods or chocolate.....!!!! so I have given up both and had no pain now for 4 weeks......

When I asked the doc are gall stones common he said very polity
well, yes common in woman approaching 40, slighty overweight and had children... I am 37, very overweight and have one DD 19 months. Didn't like the approaching 40 much (never thought about it before) but loved the slightly overweight bit..

I just realised that the letter came on Friday saying I could now phone to book appointment and I haven't done it yet! so off I go to make the appointment.

Janbo25 Mon 01-Aug-05 12:59:29

gl, what other symptoms have you had?

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