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Alopecia areata caused by pregnancy

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prettyanddainty Thu 08-Aug-13 22:00:26

I am not pregnant, but am having hair loss, it's awful and distressing. The last time I had hair loss was after my daughter 9 years ago, I'm waiting for some hormonal blood tests to come, so they can rule out any hormonal problem, also had my thyroid and b12 checked, which came out normal.

polyene Thu 08-Aug-13 18:55:51

I am 28 weeks pregnant and have just been diagnosed with AA.
I've lost about half of my hair but I don't need a wig yet yet and I hope I won't need one.
I'm so worried! sad

chriscrofter Tue 08-Jan-13 10:09:18

3 DCs, and worse each time (name change!)

NinaC1975 Mon 07-Jan-13 15:00:56

Thanks Jenny. Not sure what NC means?

Do you have more than one baby and did it happen each time?

I guess you are right - even if it does happen again it won't be quite as scary! Planning a tip to Andrew Collinge for wig advice before I get pregnant so I am prepared.


jennycrofter Mon 07-Jan-13 12:12:45

That was me, I NC frequently!

Yes, completely. For me it does take a few months, and I even had one stubborn patch which took a couple of years (fortunately it was hidden). But definitely definitely all grew back. I'm really glad you know what it is. I wish MN had been around when it happened to me, then I'd have know it would all work out!

Good luck. smile

NinaC1975 Mon 07-Jan-13 12:09:12

So the time has come to take the plunge and think about Baby Number 2. I am worried about my hair falling out again as it has now all completely regrown and I am used to having it again.

Tumbleweedblowing - thanks for your response - does your hair fully regrow after each pregnancy? I think I may be able to cope with it better this time knowing that it came back fully last time.

Does anyone else have any experience of developing alopecia during a first pregancy and whether it occurred during every subsequent pregancy. Was the gender of the baby relevant?

My first preganncy was planned but psychologically I wasn't prepared and I was shocked that I became pregnant so easily. I am much more prepared this time - this may be a factor?

Also does anyone have any tips on things I could do to prevent it? I recognise this is clutching at straws!


Redjem Fri 29-Oct-10 20:02:02

Hi there,,, Are you still suffering from Alopecia Areata? i am 31 weeks pregnant and have just been diagnosed with it.. I am absolutely gutted about it.. How is your hair growth now?? Jem xx

ellaeleven Fri 30-Apr-10 20:42:38

Hi Nina,

Glad you hane a diagnosis. It is distressing but thankfully pregnancy is not a lifelong condition and you will probably see a big improvement a few months after having your baby. I have a friend who developed patches at the front of her hairline because of pregnancy and a year later she has a thick head of hair again. Out of interest where are you having your hair system done? I go through periods of having crazy hair loss and it is good to have as a back up plan. Im sure it will boost your confidence and enable you to get on and enjoy your pregnancy. Best of luck. The stress will all be worth it in the endsmile. X

NinaC1975 Thu 29-Apr-10 15:08:52

I have developed patchy Alopecia Areata as a result of getting pregnant.

My hair has fallen out from getting pregnant and I am now 14 weeks pregnant and it is still falling out. I can still hide the patches but they are getting worse and worse and I am finding it really distressing and as a result I am not enjoying being pregnant.

I cannot have any intensive treatment as I am pregnant but I have been precribed steriod lotion and I am having an integrated hair system fitted next week in the hope that it boosts my confidence - even though it costs a small fortune.

I have never suffered hair loss before getting pregnant.

I was wondering if anyone has had the same experience and if so how long it took for the hair to regrow.

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