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Virtual Colonscopy

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mumsareglam Thu 29-Apr-10 14:15:40

Has anyone out there undergone this procedure? I'd like to know if it is as effective as a standard one.

Thank you

moggiek Mon 03-May-10 22:06:15

Hi there

I've had a virtual colonoscopy. Just as effective as the more invasive type for looking at the colon, the only difference being that if any polyps are found, they can't be removed as would probably happen with a colonoscopy.


Yagudina64 Sat 04-Jun-16 23:35:16

I'm due to have this procedure on Monday and am really worried about it. More than anything I'm dreading taking the laxatives. Can anyone reassure me? I should have taken the Omnipaque already but keep putting it off :-(

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