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Yoga Aficionados Please!

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vicdubya Sat 30-Jul-05 20:44:38

I recently did a class that was advertised as a yoga/pilates class and really enjoyed it (the emphasis seemed to be more on yoga).

But I am a bit baffled by all the different types of yoga - can anyone explain what is what?

The type we did was basically stretching, slow but defined movements, and holding certain postures (some of them quite hard to do), with lovely relaxing music.

I am quite an "unsupple" person, my spine is very stiff, so I wouldn't be able to cope with anything too adventurous, but I could see the benefits over time of doing a couple of classes a week.

vicdubya Sat 30-Jul-05 20:46:22

Hmm missed a key sentence out of my post!

I am going to be looking for a new class when we move.

Magscat Sat 30-Jul-05 21:22:55

I wasn't going to post cos I'm sure there's others out thre who know loads more than I do about yoga but I could see this slipping off the screen.

Anyway, I think the basic level, physical stretch & pose type yoga you did was probably Hatha Yoga or possibly Iyengar yoga (named after BKS Iyengar who brought that style over from India I think).

There are other kinds like you say - some have more emphasis on meditation & spirituality and I think there is a scale where the top is 'Raja yoga' & involves being on such a spitual high that you commune with God.

Really not sure I've got this right though so will stand corrected if anyone can explain better.

Have a look at British Wheel of Yoga

IME, yoga classes vary massively & some teachers are gentle, spiritual and encouraging and others can be 'stricter' and more hard going. You just have to try diff classes & find one that suits.


trefusis Sat 30-Jul-05 21:38:58

Message withdrawn

vicdubya Sat 30-Jul-05 21:46:58

Thanks for bumping Magscat before it disappeared!

Perhaps the aficionados are all out at their classes?!

I don't think I want anything too spiritual, I am more interested in the exercise / relaxation side.

Trefusis I did some classes in the Alexander technique following a period of anxiety and depression, it was quite helpful.

I also found the yoga very relaxing but also energising.

trefusis Sat 30-Jul-05 23:53:07

Message withdrawn

Arabica Sun 31-Jul-05 00:22:14

I had some lessons in AT a while back and have also researched it for an article a while back. It was very useful. We hold lots of tension in our bodies so AT can be a good way to address this(although not as good as getting to grips with what is causing the anxiety, obviously). No connection with religion--sounds like your source got their wires crossed--maybe the practitioner they consulted had some kind of personal religious affiliation but so far as I know it isn't anything to do with AT--why not check out their website

Sugarmag Sun 31-Jul-05 07:51:09

I do a type of yoga called Dru Yoga. I started doing Dru Yoga, as opposed to any other type, because that class suited the times I could go and I really liked the teacher. I'm not an expert, I've never really read up on it, I've just been going to this class every tuesday night for the last 4 years.

Dru Yoga, along with the stretching, the breathing and the postures (some of them quite hard) uses a lot of visualisation and a lot of focus on "inner" as well as outer energies. Basically what I think this means is that all the postures we do have some sort of mental benefit along with stretching and toning your muscles - ie increasing energy, releasing negative tension etc.

I wouldn't say I'm someone who was particularly "into" visualisation and that sort of thing but I love this class and I think that's down to the teacher. There's other types of yoga such as hatha yoga and ashtanga yoga that I think are slightly more physically demanding than dru yoga. Then there are ones that are not really traditional yoga at all like these classes that you do in heated rooms so that you all sweat like pigs!

At the end of the day I really, really recommend finding a teacher and class that you like rather than a 'type' of yoga that you like. I went to a hatha yoga class once because I thought I might want something more challenging and the teacher was very skilled but I wanted to die of boredom! Nobody said a word from the minute I walked in the door until I went home. The class I go to everyone is friendly and our teacher is lovely and knows us all and I can't wait to go every week.

If you want to know more about dru yoga nad where to find a class check out Dru Yoga

Magscat Sun 31-Jul-05 10:13:08

Agree with what Sugarmag said about finding a class & teacher that suits you.
I've done Hatha yoga in classes of 30 or more and found it too impersonal and the teacher was quite 'cold'. I also did a 'yoga for pregnant women' class with a wonderful teacher called Jane who taught anything between 1 and 10 women in her back room and made us all tea & home made biscuits afterwards. That was brililant.

Sugarmag Mon 01-Aug-05 07:54:10

I did a yoga class for pregnant women with about 10 people where the teacher made us tea adn biscuits afterwards! Excpet the teacher had moved away by the time I was pregnant with my second. That's how I first got into yoga.

Magscat Mon 01-Aug-05 20:31:31

It wasn't Jane in Bradford was it Sugarmag?

vicdubya Mon 01-Aug-05 20:46:02

Hi all thanks for the info. Sorry to have gone awol on the thread, we're moving house on Friday!

Trefusis there was no religious element at all to my AT class - it was an Adult Education run thing.

I found the breathing technique we were taught helped loads with my insomnia, which I was experiencing at the time. I still use it if I can't fall asleep for any reason.

The Dru yoga link sounds good, thanks Sugarmag.

Sugarmag Mon 01-Aug-05 22:09:56

No, her name wasn't Jane. Maybe that's just what they do at antenatal yoga classes! Of course it was probably ruined by the fact that I used to pick up a fish supper on my way home afterwards. I can't remember her name at the moment but will post again tomorrow - DH will probably know.

Sugarmag Tue 02-Aug-05 07:43:39

It was Belinda.

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