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Mood Swings

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charleepeters Thu 28-Jul-05 21:07:32

As some of you know im currently going through another misscarriage, i have been finding it really difficult to cope just latley. it was a missed one ans the bleeding started yesterday but my hormones seem to have gone crazy, im having terrible mood swings.
One minute im happy and ahving fun, the next i cant stop crying and thinking about it.

I tried to put on a brave face with dp when i found out and told him what had happened and that i was ok with it as it was early ect, but its all suddenly caught up with me and tonight i just snapped! i broke down in tears because i spilt curry on my new top! i just started rambling about how unfair it is that my baby died and how crap my body must be to keep doing this to m and how im a good person and dont feel i deserve it. Dp thankfully is very supportive but now i just cant stop crying on and off. these mood swings have been going on for the last week alnog with, spots, headaches, constant tiredness. i have been coping untill tongiht, i had a lovley morning and afternoon but now i feel as if i just cant cope. im manging to stay calm and happy in front of ds for his sake. please tell me this will get better and is there anything i can do to speed up my hormones settling?

emmatmg Thu 28-Jul-05 21:13:00

Charlee, I had no idea. I'm so sorry.

I've never been though it but I would pretty much gaurantee that it's totally normal to be feeling so bad.


(btw, i never did send you those property pages did i? I had them all set and ready to go and they never made it to the post box, Sorry!)

charleepeters Thu 28-Jul-05 21:13:54

thats ok dont think the Surrey things happening now thans anyway emmatmg x

WigWamBam Thu 28-Jul-05 21:14:15

Oh, charlee, so sorry to hear that. It's no wonder you're feeling the way you are; try to get plenty of rest and look after yourself.

charleepeters Thu 28-Jul-05 21:20:24

Im doing nothing but sleeping at the moment luckily its d's weef off so hes being doing the lions share of looking after ds, i just cant stay awake, i just seem to be floating around in a world of my own, i havent lost it in front of ds thank god.

astonished Thu 28-Jul-05 21:22:21

Charleepeeters, so sorry to hear about your current situation. It is quite natural to be feeling all over the place at a time like this, don't beat yourself up over it. I suffer from hormonal mood swings and have started taking the homeopathic remedy Sepia for it, I'm not sure if it will help in your situation but may be worth a try. perhaps someone who knows more about this kind of stuff may be able to give you more info, but in my case it has certainly been of help. take carexx

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