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97 and still counting....

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Orinoco Thu 28-Jul-05 19:55:25

Message withdrawn

jessicaandbumpsmummy Thu 28-Jul-05 19:57:21

Anbesol Liquid - works wonders. Dip a cotton bud in the liguid and dab on ulcers - stings like hell but clears them up nicely!

Miaou Thu 28-Jul-05 19:59:09

Are you really run down, orinoco?

I got a mouthful of really bad ulcers last year when I got the flu (proper flu ) - in fact my tongue was so ulcerated that it killed off all the nerves at the tip and I still can't taste anything with the tip

Does your GP think that you haven't got tonsilitis, then?

Sorry, no practical advice, just sympathy, I remember the pain well.

emmatmg Thu 28-Jul-05 20:00:00

97!!?? poor thing.

I doubt there is anything over the counter that will stop them as there is obviously something going on that needs stronger stuff.

Hope they clear up soon.

HappyMumof2 Thu 28-Jul-05 20:01:48

Message withdrawn

Orinoco Thu 28-Jul-05 20:04:52

Message withdrawn

Mum2girls Thu 28-Jul-05 20:06:28

How awful for you.

DP suffers with these and so does DD1. She had a really awful crop on her tongue a year or so ago and the doc prescribed 'Adcortyl in Orabase'. It's a really thick paste (which she hated) but it cleared them up really quickly. DP has used it too and says it really does speed up the healing.

WigWamBam Thu 28-Jul-05 20:09:35

Sympathies, Orinico, they're horrible. Go and see your GP to make sure that there isn't another cause for the ulcers - as well as being run-down, they can be caused by infections, ulcerative colitis and other things too.

Hope you get them sorted out soon.

sallystrawberry Thu 28-Jul-05 20:09:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Orinoco Thu 28-Jul-05 20:24:51

Message withdrawn

Mum2girls Thu 28-Jul-05 20:48:08

Orinoco - it's only available on prescription (or was), so your doc would be able to tell you.

Orinoco Thu 28-Jul-05 20:58:24

Message withdrawn

suedonim Thu 28-Jul-05 23:25:48

Adcortyl in Orabase is available from your chemist without prescription for about 5gbp and ime is the best thing for mouth ulcers. It has a tiny amount of hydrocortisone which starts the healing process within 24hrs. There are also mild hydrocortisone tablets you can get over the counter but I forget what they're called. Your pharmacist should know what they are. Hth.

suedonim Thu 28-Jul-05 23:26:28

Cortylan?? That might be the name!

Nbg Thu 28-Jul-05 23:28:44

I've had this before. The Anbesol use as often as you need to. So whenever you feel the pain stick some more on.

I also kept swilling very very salty water in my mouth as often as possible.

Orinoco Sat 30-Jul-05 22:47:43

Message withdrawn

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