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Help! Any horned hoofy type people out there today?

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vicdubya Thu 28-Jul-05 13:49:57

Got out of bed this morning and had shooting pain in my foot and looked to see and my horrible heel has cracked and it's really sore...what do I do?

PrettyCandles Thu 28-Jul-05 13:53:30

Do you have any Lansinoh or Jelonet? They're very good as First Aid in this type of thing, as Flexitol or any of the other urea-containing creams sting horribly if you put them on 'open' skin.

vicdubya Thu 28-Jul-05 13:57:10

Ooh yes I have some lansinoh somewhere, I'll try that.

Will it just heal up do you think?

I had been doing the occasional foot file / scrub but I am worried about the stinging now if I do.

PrettyCandles Thu 28-Jul-05 14:05:40

I'd be inclined to rub a generous dollop on Lansinoh on, cover it with a plaster or micropore, and wear socks until it heals, even if it turns hot again. If you get the chance, soak your feet every evening in warm water with honey and lavender oil mixed in, before applying some more Lansinoh. Keep the crack clean and covered with with Lansinoh, and, IME, it will seal within a few days and you can go back to regular moisturising. But avoid filing or scrubbing until it's completely healed and pain-free. BTW, the outer layers of skin will not seal, but you will know when it's healed as much as it can.

happymerryberries Thu 28-Jul-05 14:07:05

I have started treating my feet with something that I got in Boots called Heel Balm. It is very good and has improved my feet after just one days. It has urea in it and I think that is the key

Frieda Thu 28-Jul-05 14:14:37

Sorry – I opened this thinking you were calling all Capricorns. But obviously not.

Although, I have had a cracked heel before. Think, as others say, the secret is keep moisturising. I used Sudocrem on mine (on the advice of a chiropodist) and it did help, although the remains of the crack are still visible. I treat it by regular gentle use of a pumice stone and lots of moisurising. A chiropodist will be able to scrape off excessive hard skin which will give you a bit of a head start.

bundle Thu 28-Jul-05 14:25:24

this cream by Gehwol is specifically for cracked skin, but if it is v sore you may need antibiotic cream from your GP

vicdubya Thu 28-Jul-05 23:02:47

Thanks all!

I think lansinoh and socks is the way to go, and as a result I'm sure it's going to be summer again tomorrow!!

I will also ask at the chemist and see if they have something. I did use flexitol for a while last year.

Yorkiegirl Thu 28-Jul-05 23:07:01

Message withdrawn

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