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Major Microgynon problems - anyone else had this?

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dinosaurus Mon 19-Apr-10 16:58:29

I started taking Microgynon 2 months ago after having quite a long break from the pill (I tried various sorts years ago didn't feel brilliant so came off it). I decided to have another go because I just feel its the 'easiest' type of contraception and thought it might be worth a try.

I know there can potentially be alot of side effects and discussed these with my doctor who reassured me that it would help me with my rather annoying pmt!

Anyway, in a nutshell, I have turned into a depressed, emotional, grumpy but also, at times, a rather detached, unemotional person. My sex drive has disappeared and I sometimes feel a bit sick and dizzy. What is most alarming is that although I obviously know I haven't been feeling great, people around me have commented on it. My poor husband told me last night (on the nicest possible way) that I've completely changed and the rows and arguments we've had in the last couple of months (which have increased due to my grumpiness) is seriously getting to him - in 15 years, I've never seen him quite so sad. He also described me as seeming very 'preoccupied' in that I've almost withdrawn from him?? Strangely enough, a couple of people at work have commented on me seeming 'preoccupied' which just seems such a coincidence.

I have stopped taking the pill as of today even though I'm midway through a pack because I can't stand it anymore. I'm convinced it is the pill - I have nothing else going on in my life to make me feel like this - in fact, we recently moved, I enjoy my job and my relationship with my husband was good. I am actually feeling quite upset that this pill appears to have changed my personality and am wondering how long it might take me to get back to normal? I haven't phoned the doctor because I feel rather stupid describing the symptoms above. Has anyone else experienced this? Could something else be to blame? It just concerns me that people have commented on how I have majorly changed and that I've single handedly put a massive distance between my and my husband. please help if you can enlighten me!

eleventeen1212 Sun 02-Oct-16 13:13:38

Hi- I want to get off microynon too as its given me massive emotional problems and actually ended my relationship
how long does it take after you stop using them to feel normal again?

stepho1982 Sat 30-Aug-14 17:09:23

Hi everyone, really enlightening to read all these stories and also a bit worried too! My story in a nutshell is that I have always had anxiety, since forever but finally did something about it a couple of years ago and started therapy and it literally changed my life. that box got ticked. However, I have been on microgynon with few breaks for 6 years about (had an accident once years ago from a torn condom so that was the end of that method of contraception!) and came off it after my wedding late last summer thinking, time for baby!! Throughout my years on it, I had anxiety and depression yes, but I figured that was just my natural mood? I was naturally a sad, pessimistic person. I dont drink or smoke and I loved sex, my periods were short, light and painless. I have now been off it a year, no baby yet, my periods are bang on time every month but they are a tidal wave, heavy, long and ive never known pain like it. I get waves of it now so bad I have to kneel for 2'3 hours and wait for it to pass to become bearable. I have just today ended my period and woke up this morning to scorching blue skies, my gorgeous husband, everything fine in the world and my anxiety and mood is off the chart - I am literally so narky it noticeable...I woke up so sad and mournful and feeling so alone and worthless all you want to do is cry. no BABY despite months of trying, mood swings, head aches, bloatedness, weight gain, its unreal...

What the hell do I do? How long does it take for this stop or is this it now?

Rowgtfc72 Sun 17-Aug-14 21:04:05

I took microgynon for years, gained weight and had the odd headache but fine otherwise. Then I was put on femulen after having dd which gave me very light periods which was lovely. Then they discontinued femulen and put me on norgeston. My libido, well what libido, and I cry at TV adverts. Hate it but can't have microgynon back as I am over forty and overweight.

RockinD Wed 13-Aug-14 12:12:42

Again a long time ago, I took Microgynon 30 for seven years, so that was seven years of weight gain, depression, no libido whatsoever, anxiety and generally feeling unwell. I was backwards and forwards to the GP and consultant referrals and no-one ever asked me about the Pill, and being young, I didn't think to say. Diagnoses varied from anxiety and depression to undulant fever and non-specific liver disease. I thought I had something awful wrong with me.

In my 20s, I resigned myself to a lifetime of ill health and was unsure at one point whether I would be able to continue to work.

I came off it because I felt I wanted more control over my fertility and was a different person within two weeks and have never had generalised anxiety or depression since.

Emmajane1816 Wed 13-Aug-14 07:55:46

I have been on it for a week as I get married to a wonderful man and 3 days before The wedding I just freaked out. I cry and get angry I get depressed I don't want him I touch me and I feel detached. Thank you for your comments as I thought it was me but I know it's not. I love him to bits but can't stand him. I thought it was me but I am relieved that this is a side effect. Thank you

PoshPenny Sun 13-Apr-14 16:24:20

OP do your research on replacement pills/contraception so you don't get another one which contains levonorgestrel which is the progestin probably responsible for your troubles. don't accept a Mirena coil, it's the active ingredient in that too. I just can't do hormonal contraception or HRT for that matter. looking back, I wasted a lot of my life as a result of being buggered up by the Pill. it really just doesn't suit some women.

Megbeth Sun 13-Apr-14 13:40:42

I also tried Yasmin & Yaz but couldn't get on with those pulls either. If you had trouble with Microgynon then I would avoid those pills too.

Megbeth Sun 13-Apr-14 13:38:51

I tried Microgynon 20 a few years ago. Within a few days plummeted & I'd never felt so low. I suffer with depression normally stable on my meds but this affected me so bad just after taking it a few days. It's ok just to stop but you will get a withdrawal bled in a few days. Make sure you use additional contraception. Maybe a copper coil would be an option for you as no hormones.
I can't take any pill because of my depression & also get migraines. DH has had the snip so I don't have to worry now. I tried the Mirena but even the hormones in that affected me.

lottiegarbanzo Sat 12-Apr-14 21:23:34

It's not supposed to be prescribed to people with any tendency to depression. Of course they can't always know that in advance.

My GP told me that and I think it's in the risk factors described in the leaflet.

Thurlow Sat 12-Apr-14 21:11:46

I was awful on it. No libido at all, and I had these sort of chest pains - not heart problems, but they felt like it. Put on a lot of weight too. Came off it after about 6 months.

Annoyingly that put an end to all hormonal contraception for me - the cap it is...

Fryatuck1 Sat 12-Apr-14 21:03:59

I have been taking microgynon for 3 weeks and for the last week of taking it I felt tired lethargic palpitations shaking thought I was going off my head. Stopped taking it last Wednesday and I am starting to feel normal not quite 100 per cent yet. Has any one suffered this as well and how long before they felt normal.?

lottiexoxo Wed 26-Feb-14 10:12:28

Hi, I took Microgynon 30 for the first month and changed into a different person! I have now been off these horrible pills for 5 days. I am feeling much better since being off them but am not back to my normal self, I have been experiencing awful anxiety and panic attacks along with not being hungry and constantly sleeping/tired! I will also think about past events which I no don't bother me when I'm not in this way but now they will just make me panic! I also just don't want to see my boyfriend I feel like I am become more and more distant by the day when I no after 2 years of being together I do love him!! Is anyone able to relate to my bad experience and let me know how long it took them before they felt 100% themselves again!? Thank you

SauceForTheGander Sun 23-Feb-14 22:04:54

I had a terrible time on it. But I suffer eventually on all pills and can't take many now because of migraines - we use condoms now. Just too risky with DCs to risk mood swings.

specialsubject Sun 23-Feb-14 22:00:01

there is no reason to stop prescribing this pill, it works fine for some people. For others, like the OP, it has bad side effects. Experiences can also change over time.

It is the cheapest one with the longest history.

see your doctor, OP, and try a different one.

this is why those who ask for others' experiences with pills are wasting their time - everyone reacts differently. Happily here are many different brands.

MegaClutterSlut Sun 23-Feb-14 21:23:41

I had to come of that pill for the exact same reasons op. it nearly ended my marriage. would never touch it again

Megbeth Sun 23-Feb-14 07:40:24

I suffer with depression & this pill made my mood drop so badly I had to stop taking it. I tried the 30 & the 20 but both affected me.

Lea13 Sat 22-Feb-14 19:30:12

also after reading these messages it has dawned on me that perhaps I have a low libido due to the pill - I thought it was just the way I was or that my other half just had a really high one, I have had nothing to gage it on as I have always been on this pill.

Lea13 Sat 22-Feb-14 19:26:42

Hi, I am really pleased I have read this info on the pill. I am 20 and currently taking microgynom 30 - I have been for 4 years now but since just after Christmas 2013 I have been feeling like a totally different person. My mam has suggested this to be the problem after weeks of me crying for silly reasons and sometimes no reason. sometimes I will start crying in public and I have to run to the toilet to compose myself. Its anything from something I read on the news the night before to things that happened in the past which I will suddenly dwell on and make into something its not. I also find myself anxious being out and about and struggle to get out of bed for work and uni. I have a total lack of energy, my appetite can be non existent or I want to eat everything. I have put on about a half a stone in the last few months and I would normally healthy eat and go to the gym once a week but I just cant find any motivation. I often feel almost self hatred and guilty as if I am a bad person. I even started seeing a counsellor to talk about my stress and anxiety but I have just thought of the pill to be a cause in this - do you think this is possible? I really don't like the idea of anti depressants sad

lalouche Thu 26-Dec-13 09:48:34

I was a sobbing wreck on microgynon - about 15 years ago. What really pissed me off was gp suggesting antidepressants without even trying stopping the pill first! I wasn't depressed - within a few weeks of stopping it I was back to my normal self. From other experience, medication side effects seem to be routinely dismissed by medical professionals, which seems extraordinary to me.

SerenaJoy Wed 25-Dec-13 06:58:26

I was on Microgynon for about six months years ago, and it completely changed me. My best friend (who I shared a flat with) and then-boyfriend actually sat me down and told me something had to change as I had become so horrible blush

I came off the pill, got the contraceptive implant (which I know lots of people don't get on with but it worked well for me) and it was like night and day. Went back to being myself as soon as effects wore off, and never looked back. Best mate is still best mate, and boyfriend is now my DH so they both forgave me for being such a bitch.

Scary that there are SO many people with awful experiences of it sad and that they're still prescribing it.

Hope you feel back to normal soon OP.

ihaveacrazycat Wed 25-Dec-13 06:54:45

My new doctor swapped me onto microgynon after years of being happy on lowestrin 30, presumably as it's cheaper & almost immediately it had horrible effects. I bled constantly with stomach cramps so bad that my boss found my curled up on the toilet floor crying! And the mood swings were horrendous, it genuinely made me a little bit evil!
Stopped taking it, demanded my old pill back & returned to normal almost immediately! grin

Mumraathenoisylion Wed 25-Dec-13 06:26:34

This happened to me too when I was 14 (on pill to regulate painful periods). It changed me so dramatically, I was angry, evil and almost suicidal. I feel constantly guilty about the way I acted when on it even 17 years later.

MegaClutterSlut Mon 23-Dec-13 09:09:38

All the reasons you listed above is why I had to stop taking it. I was 'raging' all the time, had migraines and had no libido what so ever. I didn't even want my husband touching/kissing me. It made me feel like I hated my husband and it made me a twat angry towards him and it nearly ended my marriage, I was on it for a few years.

PoshPenny Sun 22-Dec-13 22:30:08

I believe it is to do with the progestin they use which is levonorgestrel. you may do better on a different pill which uses another type. the Mirena coil uses the same progestin, so that is likely to give you similar unpleasant side effects. Stop taking it and you should start to feel better very soon.

Manchesterhistorygirl Sun 22-Dec-13 10:02:04

I've decided to come off microgynon as it's making me anxious, depressed and have violent outbursts. I'm not taking anything hormonal ever again as so far the injection and the mini pill have also made me have horrific mood and personality problems and my family can't take anymore of it.

I had a break from all contraception a while ago and felt fine with none of the above, so I'm going back to that. I'd rather have my heavy periods than the side effects of hormonal contraception.

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