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Toddler has white bumps/spots on ears

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Bluebella Mon 19-Apr-10 14:53:17


For the last week I have noticed my 2 year old has white raised bumps/spots on his ears, over the top of ears and also on the ear lobes.

I am going to the doctors tonight but I am quite concerned as have no idea what this could be?

Has any one experienced the same thing?

Thanks for advise.

JoeJoe1977 Mon 19-Apr-10 15:00:51

DS1 (4.5yrs) has had this as well over the last week or so. DH (who is a GP) says that it is just a form of heat rash and will probably settle down as his skin gets used to the warmer weather.

Does your LO have eczema as well? DS1 has worse ezcema generally when the weather changes to very warm or very cold.

Bluebella Mon 19-Apr-10 15:29:29


He doesn't have eczema as such, but often has dry skin, and has sensitive skin.

I noticed it last weds, I was thinking it may be something to do with the sun. I will let you know what the doc says.

jardins Tue 20-Apr-10 14:55:07

Hi Bluebella, just to let you know that I noticed the very same thing on my six year old son's ear: white raised bumps on the top of one of his ears. Please let me know what the doctor said! He's been spending a lot of time out in the garden and in the sun (here where we live in the Loire Valley) so it would make sense if it was heat related.

Thanks smile

Bluebella Tue 20-Apr-10 16:07:05

Hi there,

The doctor said he was not worried it was a skin condition. He said it was a reaction to something, and most likely the sun.

He prescribed Anti Histimines medicene, to give 1 x 5ml a day for 5 days. He said to contact him back if it doesn't go away.

He said in the mean time, always wear a hat in the sun, which you should anyway, and make sure sun lotion on ears.


JoeJoe1977 Wed 21-Apr-10 19:55:55

Good to hear Bluebella, hope you're all managing to enjoy the lovely weather!

katefmundy Thu 22-Apr-10 14:37:22

This is called spring bloom my 8 year old has it nothing to worry about i think it's just something to do with the weather my friends son has it and went to the doctor and this it what he called it.

Princess07091992 Mon 21-Mar-16 15:53:16

I have just noticed the same thing on my lo he is 3 on Saturday

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