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Spots around eye

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flamesparrow Thu 28-Jul-05 09:12:39

DD has developed little pin prick red spots round her right eye over the past couple of days.

It seems to be itchy as she keeps rubbing every now and then, and she is aware its there (told me as soon as she woke up).

Just leave it? Give her piriton to help with the itchy?

Any ideas?

flamesparrow Thu 28-Jul-05 10:02:52


megandsoph Thu 28-Jul-05 10:07:04

FS dd1 had this a few weeks ago around both eyes

if it's the same thing then it should be gone tomorrow.

If you look under TwoAngels on the achives u will see the thread on there (my alternative name)

it went before I could get an appointment with the gp but if u are very concerned call nhsdirect

megandsoph Thu 28-Jul-05 10:11:23

sry am usless with links lol

I never got any replys on that thread though

flamesparrow Thu 28-Jul-05 10:12:18


megandsoph Thu 28-Jul-05 16:42:56

hows your dd now FS?? hope her face is better

Lio Thu 28-Jul-05 17:12:52

Flamesparrow, I had spots around my eyes as a grown up and it was an odd thing connected with stress and comfort eating too much sugary processed junk... just thought I'd mention it, although if your dd had been feeling unhappy about something else you probably would have thought of it I guess. Hope it goes soon, poor little thing.

flamesparrow Thu 28-Jul-05 18:44:51

I took her to the doctors to check it out, and he said it looked chicken poxy, but where there was no change since yesterday, no poorliness and no new spots, that it is probably "just normal spots".

poor kid is gonna hate being a teenager.

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