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Please can someone help me. Im in so much pain and I dont know what to do.

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spookycharlotte121 Mon 19-Apr-10 00:02:29

I have had horrible pains all day..... they feel like periiod pains. As the day has progressed they have been getting worse and worse.

Nurofen isnt touching it. Im totally exhausted by it and just want to sleep. Im sat here crying because I dont know what to do. I took painkillers nearly an hour ago anf they just arent working and I just want to sleep.

GypsyMoth Mon 19-Apr-10 00:04:38

Hot bath/ hot water bottle

any chance you could be preg?

Brollyflower Mon 19-Apr-10 00:05:43

Phone NHS direct 0845 46 47.

Hope it's nothing serious and you feel better soon.

littlelapin Mon 19-Apr-10 00:06:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spookycharlotte121 Mon 19-Apr-10 00:08:46

god I hope not...... its extreemly unlikly though. I havent missed a period and im pretty sure Im due on around now.... dont really keep propper tabs tho.

I have had period pain before but nothing like this. my head is pounding.

spookycharlotte121 Mon 19-Apr-10 00:10:05

more like cramping pains across where the top of my knickers lie..... its mainly on the eft hand side though.

spookycharlotte121 Mon 19-Apr-10 00:10:36

sounds stupid but im frightened. Im on my own with the kids.

AitchTwoZone Mon 19-Apr-10 00:12:38

okay do not fuck about here. tell me how unlikely it is that you are pregnant?

scurryfunge Mon 19-Apr-10 00:13:23

What did NHS direct say?

AitchTwoZone Mon 19-Apr-10 00:14:03

(you probably know already that i'm thinking ectopic pregnancy). or appendicitis?

GreenAndSilverStars Mon 19-Apr-10 00:14:21

Phone NHS Direct, definitely - they can ask you much more sensible questions about the pain to narrow down what it is and help you. I hope it feels better soon - please phone them - 0845 46 47.

spookycharlotte121 Mon 19-Apr-10 00:15:07

havent slept with anyone for months. Have had periods as normal etc. I really dont think its possible.

Im frightened now.... i really dont think i could be. Surely i would know havig had 2 kids and there have been no other symptoms

AitchTwoZone Mon 19-Apr-10 00:15:24

AitchTwoZone Mon 19-Apr-10 00:16:09

how many months? and have you called nhs direct yet?

Kafka9 Mon 19-Apr-10 00:16:21

Sounds like you need to rule appendicitis out - fairly pronto.

GreenAndSilverStars Mon 19-Apr-10 00:17:02

PS Not meaning to imply other posters aren't asking you sensible questions by the way - just that you should phone NHS Direct who will know even more to ask.

They might want to know when the last time you could have got pregnant was, even if it's unlikely that you did.

Brollyflower Mon 19-Apr-10 00:17:05

You really should get a medical opinion. Please call NHS direct. Frightening yourself won't help.

AitchTwoZone Mon 19-Apr-10 00:19:18

oh no question about it you should speak to a doctor about this and asap. all we can do is tell you that you do not want to be sitting in your front room crying if your appendix or fallopian tube bursts. of course, it could be wind, that really hurts too. but you need checking out.

spookycharlotte121 Mon 19-Apr-10 00:20:23

ok. Im phoning them now.

blinks Mon 19-Apr-10 00:20:49

constant pain or spasmodic?

any other symptoms?

eg distention, tenderness, high temp, urinary symptoms.

any history of endo, ovarian cysts etc?

spookycharlotte121 Mon 19-Apr-10 00:20:50

thanks btw

blinks Mon 19-Apr-10 00:21:18

oh good, they'll be asking you those questions about now.

Brollyflower Mon 19-Apr-10 00:23:04

I hope they are reassuring. Do you have someone you can phone to come and be with the children and/or take you to somewhere if you need to be examined?

I can imagine you're really scared. Have a hug.

spookycharlotte121 Mon 19-Apr-10 00:24:50

dont really have anyone. my mum wouldnt bee impressed i dont think being woekn at thie time of night.

They are going to call me back.

HellBent Mon 19-Apr-10 00:25:08

Phone NHS direct.

Also try a big fart - that was always my mum's response to stomach pain before she would take us seriously!

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