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My house gives me asthma but can't pinpoint cause HELP!

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Pofacedagain Sun 18-Apr-10 13:25:41

Had horrific asthma all winter, severe bronchitis too, back on meds after 10 years no asthma at all. The only thing that has changed is that we moved house [though only down the road so location the same] We just spent 2 months in Ireland where my asthma disappeared again and it was wonderful - I was completely meds free again and felt back to normal. Now we've come home - 2 days back at home and asthma has returned badly - now back on inhaled steroids. so what is going on?
We have no pets, no carpets, allergy covers on beds. I hoover nearly every day. I just cannot tell what the problem is. The only thing I can think of is the woodfibre underlay that we put under a cheap wood floor upstairs when we moved in - it is fibrous and seems to leave dust around [there are bits exposed as bathroom floor unfinished and stairs uncarpeted] Could it really be that? It is so frustrating knowing elsewhere I'm fine. even if I go out for the day I feel better. Anyone any ideas?

Pofacedagain Sun 18-Apr-10 14:03:39


Pofacedagain Sun 18-Apr-10 17:54:13


indigobarbie Sun 18-Apr-10 18:07:24

What about your curtains? Cushion covers, anything that is fabric that might hold onto allergens?
Do you use spray deodorant, hairspray anything like that? Air freshner, candles, plug ins?
Sorry I am just trying to think of anything that could possibly affect you. Also - do you leave your outdoor shoes near the door - if you wear them inside the house there is a potential for things to be 'brought' in on them too.

indigobarbie Sun 18-Apr-10 18:08:28

Did you have carpets in your last house?

WorzselMummage Sun 18-Apr-10 18:11:25

Is there a silver birch in the vicinity ?

GetThePartyStarted Sun 18-Apr-10 18:12:08

I had massive problems in our house from when we moved in - stripped all the floors in case it was the carpet, cleaned manically in case previous owners had had a random animal but in the end when we redid the bathroom we found loads of mould behind the old tiles etc.

Asthma was then really bad until we got rid of all the dust etc, then no more problems! Perhaps you could get one of those companies to do a survey (which they do for free so you will then pay for the treatment).

Good luck

PixieOnaLeaf Sun 18-Apr-10 18:19:21

Message withdrawn

Pofacedagain Sun 18-Apr-10 18:28:10

I don't get hayfever so don't think it is something from outside. I can't see any silver birches. We have lived in this area for years and I've had no problems. Previous owner of house had sheep and dogs and pigs [apparently sometimes all in house!] But I have tried to clean well. The fridge was encrusted with black mould and insects when we moved in and as part of kitchen couldn't change it for new one - lots of bleach instead. The shower leaks so we took up all the mouldy carpet [have had several useless plumbers fail to fix leak] It is not even an old house - only 10 years old.

Perhaps i should try an allergy clinic Pixie. I never thought they really worked, especially with asthma, and I always thought I knew my triggers [pet hair, carpets, dust mites] but maybe I'm wrong..

Pofacedagain Sun 18-Apr-10 18:29:13

interesting about mould behind old tiles too - wish we could afford to redo bathrooms.

pippop1 Sun 18-Apr-10 21:37:39

Could it be the hoovering? Did you hoover when you were in Ireland?

Pofacedagain Sun 18-Apr-10 22:07:14

I didn't hoover in Ireland but have always done so in previous places. So bloody difficult to know what is going on.

I'm really worried whatever is triggering my asthma so badly is going to end up causing dd and ds to develop asthma. Seeing as I'm fine when i'm not in the house and was fine for the last 10 years before we moved here I'm really worried for them - it must be something quite significant.

TheLemur Mon 19-Apr-10 11:52:46

Mould spores really set my asthma off. if I stay the night at my friends damp house it's really bad the next day. Could you buy a dehumidifier, open windows lots etc?

Pofacedagain Mon 19-Apr-10 15:03:22

Have a dehumidifier, as I thought it might be damp shower room. No difference. Keep windows open. sad

It is infuriating, not knowing what is causing it. Either have to spend thousands gutting the house, or move, or face long term inhaled steroids. Gah.

WeNeedToLeaveInFiveMinutes Mon 19-Apr-10 22:05:00

Mould spores, perfume? Different cleaning stuff?

alypaly Tue 20-Apr-10 04:51:20

could it just be something as simple as your pillows and quilt need relacing to get rid of the dust mites

alypaly Tue 20-Apr-10 04:54:28

insects cause a problem with their faeces. Intersting that you have an allergy to the dust mite(the allergy is also to their faeces) and you mention you had insects in the fridge. Could be their poo!!!!!!

Pofacedagain Tue 20-Apr-10 18:26:47

yuk! Maybe! Yes must change pillows. I have feather pillows and duvet as supposed to be good for allergies. Have had them in other houses with no probs. What do people think of feather bedding?

helyg Tue 20-Apr-10 18:34:21

Mould spores set my asthma off, might there still be some mould lurking somewhere?

Pofacedagain Tue 20-Apr-10 18:37:32

yes probably helyg. Not sure where though. In ensuite flooring I think.


2 plumbers down and no joy. Grrr.

travellingwilbury Tue 20-Apr-10 18:43:43

My friend ha got really bad asthma and could never use feather bedding but if you have used it in the past then that shouldn't be the problem (she says knowing pretty much bugger all about it )

Do you keep your windows open during the day ? I know I am clutching at straws but said friend used to come and stay in our spare room and would always be really affected . I put it down to my general slatternly ways and assumed it was dust mites . However we then found out that one of our neighbours cats was sleeping on the spare bed . It would climb onto the conservatory roof and through the open window . It must have been doing this for months and we never found it on the bed , but one day spotted it leaping out the window (conservatory roof)

Sprayed water at it and it soon went .

Pofacedagain Tue 20-Apr-10 19:27:13

Don't think it is a cat - if a cat is in the room my eyes go red and I start sneezing and wheezing violently. This only seems to affect my chest - so odd. Aaaargh.

alypaly Thu 22-Apr-10 00:39:32 son has an allegy to cats and he also cant use a feather quilt as he coughs like mad with it.

where is your shower leaking from?

PamelaTroglodytes Thu 22-Apr-10 00:53:14

I'll second the advice for allergy testing - at least then you'll have a good idea what to 'look for' to eradicate from the house iyswim?

If you think it might be dust mites are you wet dusting the house? It's also a good idea to make sure that your house is well ventilated and cool (I throw back the duvets etc) in addition to the anti-allergy bedding.

As you've said that you've had bronchitis as well, is the asthma coming only at the same time as illness or do you think that it's more likely allergy related?

DD(3) had a lot of chest/asthma issues after we moved house last summer, and it took a miserable few months to figure out that it was the carpets (we've always had wooden floors previously). I hope that you manage to find the cause swiftly.

rabbitstew Thu 22-Apr-10 10:36:14

Mould spores or chemicals/fibres in new flooring and furnishings sound the most likely, since the house was clearly a tip before you moved in, and you've brought new stuff into the house that you didn't own before. It seems highly unlikely if you don't have problems elsewhere that it's something as simple as dust mites. Mould spores and mildew can cause severe breathing problems in all people. Mildew can be particularly dangerous in large quantities, and not just to asthmatics, although they would probably be sensitive at much lower amounts. It might therefore be worth prioritising fixing leaking showers and checking behind the tiles - and wearing a facemask while doing so!!

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