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jessicaandbumpsmummy Wed 27-Jul-05 21:19:02


My gorgeous little baby isnt right! Last night we tried her with tinned mandarins for the first time, loose poo this morning followed by a nightmare day, but she has just cut another tooth so put it down to that.

Gave her some more mandarins tonight and we have had 2 loose poo's in 3 hours and her bum has gone VERY red and started blistering..... she is screaming when we wipe her bum, so is obviously in a lot of pain.

Is she allergic?!

Nemo1977 Wed 27-Jul-05 21:23:52

it does sound like it hun. Leave it a while then maybe try a little bit in a few months

Angeliz Wed 27-Jul-05 21:24:44

My dd1 used to get runny nappies and sore bottom when she got teeth so it could be that but i'd not give her any more mandarins just incase!
Poor love

charleepeters Wed 27-Jul-05 21:26:08

aww poor Jess! The Bum tyhing and the loose poos will probably be due to the citric acid in the manderins, and citric fruit can do horrible things to a babys bum. same with pure oj juice, ect. (i can do scinece me) i hope she feels better soon

jessicaandbumpsmummy Wed 27-Jul-05 21:35:41

thanks girls.... was i a bit sill for offering it so young? Cant you tell im a first time mum, didnt think there would be a problem with mandarins!!! i know she shouldnt have nuts but citrus fruit wasnt on my concerned list!!!

God i feel like such a bad mummy

vicdubya Wed 27-Jul-05 21:41:10

No, not bad! Ds has been eating satsumas etc since he was around that age with no probs, so she is obviously just sensitive to them.

Try them again in a few months.

misdee Wed 27-Jul-05 21:47:15

can you give her some piriton? and what is the skin around her eyes like? (normal, dark, dry?)

jessicaandbumpsmummy Wed 27-Jul-05 21:52:09

a little bit darker than normal, but there doesnt seem to be any further symtoms. She has gone to bed now but god i feel bad....

misdee Wed 27-Jul-05 21:54:20

not your fault. i think they say citrus fruit at 1year anyway, and she is 1year. my dd1 had some cheapo ornage squash on holiday, my mum gave it to her, and i know my mum felt guilty, but it was my fault for not making it clear. she also once gave dd2 some sponge finger in it, and it made dd2 have a bad tummy, again my fault for not making it clear that at the time dd2 was egg and gluten free.

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