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Aagh. Waited 4 months for dd's appt with plastic surgeon & he cancels!

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Magscat Wed 27-Jul-05 20:12:37

DD has a cyst on her forhead & it seemed to be still growing (about the size of a Cadbury's mini egg now). GP referred us to a plastic surgeon as she believed it might need removing (it's at the start of her eyebrow & GP said would leave a smaller scar if removed now).

Waited nearly 4 months for the apointment. DP & me took time off work today only to be told when we arrived that he'd had to cancel - family crisis or sometihng. Can't be helped I guess but now we'll have to wait again.

One good thing is that the cyst seems to be getting marginally smaller so I was going to suggest monitoring it for a while longer. Can't bear the thoguht of dd gonig under a general - she's only 6 motnhs.

Anyone know anything about cysts?

spidermama Wed 27-Jul-05 20:17:34

How frustrating. I don't know anything about cysts but just wanted to send my support really. I hope it continues to get smaller. Perhaps, like you say, it'll be a blessing in the end.

Good luck.

dejags Wed 27-Jul-05 20:19:52

Unfortunately I don't know anything about cysts.

DS2 had a general anaesthetic at 9 months and I honestly think it was more traumatic for me than him - scant consolation in the event it does have to happen.

Good luck!

Magscat Wed 27-Jul-05 20:21:42

Thanks both of oyu. DS has had a general (he was 3.5yrs) and it was terrifying but all worked out. I keep thinking though about how she's so young I can't explain it to her. She still b/fs at night as well so if it came to it, it would be really hard to keep her starved !

singersgirl Wed 27-Jul-05 20:48:12

Hi Magscat. DS1 (nearly 7) had a cyst on his cheek removed under general anaesthetic about 6 weeks ago. His was called a pilomatrixoma, and apparently the stuff inside had calcified - it was about a centimetre long and very hard, under the skin. He had day surgery and was absolutely fine, though a bit hyper for a couple of days. And a really neat little scar! I was worried about the anaesthetic too, but I was told that this type of cyst just keeps on growing. Doesn't sound as if this is the same kind of cyst as your DD has, but hope it's reassuring that DS's op went smoothly.

Magscat Wed 27-Jul-05 21:08:51

Thanks singersgirl. I remember you from a similar thread a few months ago when you said you were thinking about having the op for your ds. Really pleased it went well for you.

DD's cyst is slightly oval - like a tiny rugby ball under her skin. GP says it's a fluid filled ball and apparently they can't be drained as unless they remove the wall of the ball they can just fill with fluid again. Initially though the HV said 'it might just be reabsorbed' so now that it's got a tiny bit smaller I don't know whether it can fill up again & get bigger or if we can hope that it might go away. Was really looking forward to asking the plastic surgeon all this today.

spidermama Wed 27-Jul-05 21:27:59

I would insist he sees you asap as you've waited so long.

Magscat Wed 27-Jul-05 21:30:28

Thanks Spidermama. I'm planning to be on the phone 1st thing tomorrow!

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