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Er......I didn't think this was the flu season............

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Puff Wed 27-Jul-05 19:22:02

But I am flat on my back in bed, able only to stagger to the loo. Thankfully, a friend has come over to look after the children.

I haven't had a temperature, cough or runny nose.

Have been to casualty twice in 3 days - first time with severe chest pain, thankfully it wasn't a heart attack, but something called Bornholm's Disease - a viral infection of the muscles between your ribs.

Yesterday, I could not move my arms and legs - back to casualty - the virus has now spread and it seems I have flu.

I feel like one of those cartoon characters that has been "flattened"!

Anyone else got ill like this in the summer? I am bemused and v fed up.

Puff Wed 27-Jul-05 20:56:07

......and if you have had flu, how long did it take to be up and about - I haven't got time for this!

hunkermunker Wed 27-Jul-05 21:04:47

Oh, Puff, poor you! Hope you're on the mend very very soon - sending you some virtual chicken soup (it's not got chicken in it, so it's OK if you're veggie too ) xxxxxxxxxxxx

foxinsocks Wed 27-Jul-05 21:09:59

I've only had proper flu once (before that, I never believed it could be so bad!)

I was in bed for around 3-4 days literally only moving to go to the loo and then suddenly I felt much better but had to take it easy for a few days after that. I would consider myself fairly fit and healthy otherwise (just to give you an idea for comparing recuperation times!).

expatinscotland Wed 27-Jul-05 21:20:53

Hope you feel a little better soon. I've had geniune flu three times in my life, ALL of them bad. The last time, I was a fit 25-year-old climber. I wound up in hospital w/double pneumonia. It was 6 weeks before I could breathe w/o gasping.

And I fell ill just a bit before Xmas! Missed all the parties and fun. Was in hospital for Xmas.

Get well soon!

georginars Wed 27-Jul-05 21:26:32

Puff, I've just had awful flu - together with heatstroke at the beginning of it (most likely I got the heatstroke because I already had the flu virus) - nearly went to hospital myself the weekend before last with the heatstroke as thought I had meningitis and was going to die! I felt horrible for a week and still feel pretty washed out and pathetic now, 12 days after it started. But I was up and about after 2/3 days although v.wobbly. I did have a cold thing with it as well. Maybe it's doing the rounds near you (I'm near Twickenham but haven't heard that flu's going round).

Puff Wed 27-Jul-05 22:19:30

Thanks folks - glad to know I'll hopefully be up and about in a few days.

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