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baba's private part (on the outside) is all red hot and inflammed

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biglips Wed 27-Jul-05 11:58:41

she is 9 months old and she woken me up early hours in the morning, having a tired cry. i looked in her nappy (she had already had a 8oz bottle 2 hours before) and it was watery poo weee but her private part is inflammed - like she had a wet nappy on for a week!. she screamed her head off when i put nappy cream on her so now ive bathed her in plain water and not put any nappy cream on.

i wondered why its all red and imflammed?

hana Wed 27-Jul-05 12:00:32

is she teething? was her nappy dirty and wet? the nappy rash is caused when the two mix. I'd leave her nappy off for a while and air it out if you can, poor thing
metanium is really good for clearing up a nappy rash

biglips Wed 27-Jul-05 12:14:05

yes her nappy was dirty and wet but she had a clean one on before she went to bed and yes i noticed this morning she was teething alot as she is grabbing nearly everything and sucking on it so i put bonjela on her gums

its not a rash it more like eg you spilt a very hot cup of tea on your arm and its imflammed - poor thing!

Kayleigh Wed 27-Jul-05 12:15:59

i second metanium. best stuff ever for clearing sore bits quickly

biglips Wed 27-Jul-05 12:17:12

okay - ill get sum today - thanks from very tired mummy

biglips Wed 27-Jul-05 12:17:52

oh and another thing - can i take her swimming today or tmrw or wait till it clear up?

hana Wed 27-Jul-05 12:43:07

i'd wait the chlorine might make it worse

WigWamBam Wed 27-Jul-05 12:57:26

If it doesn't clear up quickly with the nappy rash cream, take her to the doctors in case it's thrush. I wouldn't take her swimming until it's cleared up, and when you bath her, don't put any bubbles in because they will make things worse as well.

Kayleigh Fri 29-Jul-05 07:49:58

how is she now biglips ? has the soreness cleared up ?

biglips Sat 30-Jul-05 10:17:02

oh yes, she's a million times better since i got the metanium - brill stuff!!, so she is fine now as ive been using cotton wool and water to wipe her botty as for the past 2 days she was filling her nappy 7-8 times a day!! as she got a tummy bug plus today she is full of cold and cough - oh well it just one of them days

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