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Shingles, chicken pox and new baby

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pooka Mon 25-Jul-05 20:02:30

My friend was diagnosed today as having shingles. Blisters came out yesterday. I last saw her, with dd, about 10 days ago. She has a 2 year old and a 14 week old. Iam 34 weeks pregnant and have had chicken pox. DD hasn't.
Do you think it would be paranoid of us to avoid her and her kids until baby born (bearing in mind the baby could be early - term from 3 weeks from now)? Theoretically, her dd could get chicken pox in 10 -14 days time, then pass it on to dd 10 - 14 days after that, by which time I'd be 38/39 weeks pregnant. With 10 -14 day incubation, dd could be contagious when baby is born, and I'd really rather avoid potential for new baby to get chicken pox as a newborn. I'm useless at working these things out - and will really miss my friend in the meantime, but am I being overcautious?
Thanks for any advice!

WigWamBam Mon 25-Jul-05 20:09:26

No, I think you're being sensible. While there's no danger to you, there is a danger to the baby, and to me it wouldn't be worth the risk.

fqueenzebra Mon 25-Jul-05 20:16:34

I would avoid her so that your DD doesn't get it, Pooka, and pass it on to the baby while very young. High fever can (rarely) happen with chickenpox with a person of any age, but it's that much harder for a very young baby to take.

I know of a baby who had chickenpox at 2 weeks old & was fine, and DD had chickenpox at 3.5 months old & was absolutely fine with it, but I still wouldn't knowingly take the risk with a very young baby (under 6? months).

Fennel Mon 25-Jul-05 20:44:10

I thought new babies were likely to inherit your immunity to chickenpox, if you've alreadyhad it. especially if you're breastfeeding. my dd1 and dd2 had chickenpox in dd3's first month and she either didn't get it, or if she got it it was so mild we couldn't tell.

a friend's baby had it at a few weeks and was fine. he had it very mildly.

am not saying i would try and get it, I would probably try to avoid it, but am just saying not to worry too much.

hoxtonchick Mon 25-Jul-05 20:50:14

my ds had chickenpox the week before dd was born (as did all his friends....). i was immune. i was super-paranoid & checked it out with doctors/mumsnet/books. if you are immune there is no risk to the new baby, as he/she inherits your immunity through the placenta & this lasts 3 months or so. breastfeeding will prolong the baby's immunity too. so i would see your friend if i were you.

hoxtonchick Mon 25-Jul-05 20:50:41

oh, i agree with fennel!

pooka Mon 25-Jul-05 22:08:29

thanks so much for your responses. I think I'm going to play it by ear. It my friend who rang to warn me and say perhaps best not to get together, so she's incredibly understanding. We share lots of friends and all the children mix at baby gym and each other's houses, and it seems a but limiting (how needy do I sound???) to completely steer clear of all potential poxers. I will be breastfeeding, so would hope that my immunity would carry over. But then not sure would want to be dealing with poorly dd just before having baby - would rather be taking it ultra easy.
Oh I don't know........! I'm useless at this sort of thing and pregnancy hormones NOT helping.

hoxtonchick Mon 25-Jul-05 22:11:12

oh i know how you feel. ds developed c. pox on tuesday, at my antenatal appointment on wednesday i was told my baby would be induced the following tuesday. ds was really poorly weds night, thurs, thurs night. i was hysterical.... but he got over it v. quickly, was officially non-infection by the time dd was born & you can hardly see the spots in the photos .

good luck over the next 6 weeks.

pooka Mon 25-Jul-05 22:13:29


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