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getting rid of scars

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nobby Fri 27-Jun-03 17:19:01

My son's got a scar on his nose - left from a nasty graze a few months ago. I read ages ago that there's an oil or lotion that's really good at healing and improving scars. Does anyone know what it is?

Boe Fri 27-Jun-03 17:20:22

Vitamin E is good for all kinds of stuff - I was given wheat germ oil though - although have sneaking suspicion that they are one and the same.

SoupDragon Fri 27-Jun-03 18:32:31

I agree with Boe; Vitamin E squeezed from those capsules you're meant to take.

helenmc Fri 27-Jun-03 18:37:14

my sister got some plastic jelly stuff from Boots (plastic surgeons use it). Its expensive, but you can re-use it lots of times. You start off with some thing like 20 mins a night, then build up to a couple of hours and after each time you wash it and stick it back on its plastic sheet.

wickedstepmother Fri 27-Jun-03 19:04:39

Elastoplast make some scar reduction patches, there's a write up here

nobby Fri 27-Jun-03 19:11:55

I think i'll go to Boots tomorrow and have a real good ferret around - thanks very much for all these tips.

morocco Fri 27-Jun-03 22:28:14

callendula cream from health shops is excellent too

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