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Two questions re MMR jabs

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tarantula Mon 25-Jul-05 09:52:46

I ahve dreamt this but Im sure someone mentioned the other week about buying a numbing gel for use when taking kids to have jabs. Does anyone know what its called and can I get it in the local chemist?

also and heres the really silly bit Where do they give the jab? Arm leg where? cos after all the bloody reading Ive done Ive not managed to find that one out


Twiglett Mon 25-Jul-05 09:55:07

emla cream possibly but that's prescription only

personally I dose them up with calpol or nurofen about 30 minutes before jab and they never normally notice

if its MMR probably done in arm

vickiyumyum Mon 25-Jul-05 09:55:59

the cream is emula(sp?) cream you can buy it from boots etc, just explain what you want it for.

the injection is in the thigh. i never bothered with the cream and after the initial shock of the injection, neither of mine really cried. just gave them calpol at home because sometimes they can have a bit of temperature after the injection.

happymerryberries Mon 25-Jul-05 09:56:37

Both mine had it in the leg.

when ds had his he was so interested in playing with the blood pressure monitor he ignored the nurse and only said 'oy!' when she jabbed him! He didn't cry at all (pre school booseter)

renaldo Mon 25-Jul-05 10:43:17

the cream only works for iv injections because it just numbs the skin not the muscle

tarantula Mon 25-Jul-05 10:46:46

thanks everyone thats brillaint. Ill get dp to give her some calpol before coming to meet me. Dd is gonna think its her lucky day as she loves Calpol (urgh cant think why Its horrible).

Im really dreading this but hopefully shell be ok.

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