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Gaviscon Infant

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ess Sun 24-Jul-05 23:11:47

Hi-my dd(6mo)has been on Gaviscon Infant for 3 months. Is anyone else using this?Do you know if there are any side effects for long term use?She has started to outgrow it and we are waiting to see a ped. The doctors are quite happy for her to stay on it longer and are saying she may need Zantac. Any thoughts on this please?

nannyjo Sun 24-Jul-05 23:14:35

i was told there were no on going side effects at all. I know childrewn on zantac for years and no problems but i know it's easy to wory about but your DD should grow out of reflux before then any way, try not to worry. x

ess Sun 24-Jul-05 23:18:06

Thanks for that.Lets hope she grows out of it soon. x

Aero Sun 24-Jul-05 23:38:56

my ds1 was on this when he was little, but he hated it so we gave up and put up with the reflux. He grew out of it around a year or so. Don't think it has long term effects though or we were not told of any at the time.

ess Sun 24-Jul-05 23:47:13

Did you have trouble getting it dissolved?Find it clogs up the teat quite a bit.Glad hes ok now.

Aero Mon 25-Jul-05 16:44:33

I was breastfeeding so was trying to give it to him in a syringe - vile stuff and dreadfully hard to dissolve!

lalaa Mon 25-Jul-05 17:02:41

it's a nightmare to dissolve.
my dd was on it until she was nearly 2.
doctors are totally ok with wee ones being on it for as long as it takes. i'm wondering whether when you said she's starting to outgrow it, have you upped the dose for the right amount of milk - it's two sachets for 8oz, as I remember. I went back to docs because thought it wasn't working, and we just upped the dose and it sorted it out.

BarefootMama Mon 25-Jul-05 17:04:42

I gave it on a teaspoon as ds was breastfed - find it ok but not sure it helped!

ess Mon 25-Jul-05 20:53:01

Lalaa- shes already on 2 sachets in each bottle-10 sachets a day. Think thats the most she can have.Have just started her on solids so hopefully that will help.

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