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anyone had a sinus clear out op

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kbaby Sun 24-Jul-05 21:37:35

Im due one on the 12th august. The gp has said they will go in straighten the inside of my nose and clear out the sinuses. Ill be on the sick for 2 weeks.
Was it very painful?

PennyLess Sun 24-Jul-05 21:41:54

yeah, I had it done 6 years ago.
I can't really remember the pain that much, I s'pose I was on some really strong drugs.
It was really worthwhile. I definitely suffered less afterwards. But immediately after the op it was really uncomfortable as my nose was really swollen and completely blocked ie couldn't breathe through it at all and bled for quite a while. Not pouring, but drips. I just went round with little bits of tissue stuffed up it. I think it was the swelling that was most uncomfortable.
HTH. and good luck.

bobbybob Mon 25-Jul-05 03:30:55

It was less painful than sinusitis. 2 weeks is a reasonable time to be off sick. Because I was a SAHM nobody bothered giving me a recovery time (as I didn't need a sick note) I was horribly surprised that it took 2 weeks to feel better.

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