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Peter update.

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misdee Sun 24-Jul-05 18:24:13

He is doing well ,is now standing 3 times a day, with a raget of 60secs. he had a blood transfusion the other day, and also a bad reacvtion to some anti sickness meds. but all in all is doing well. he just wants to get up and about more, but its baby steps atm.

and i have to buy blu tack as he wants to stick more pics up and the pin board isnt big enough!!

jessicaandbumpsmummy Sun 24-Jul-05 18:25:18

Thats really great misdee.... I was asking sparkly earlier how you and peter were.

Love to you all xxx

hunkermunker Sun 24-Jul-05 18:27:37

Fantastic news, Misdee! He's a fighter isn't he? You must be very proud of him!

SoupDragon Sun 24-Jul-05 18:28:26

MrsGordonRamsay Sun 24-Jul-05 18:29:48


What a fighter.

Delighted to hear the news.

misdee Sun 24-Jul-05 18:30:51

i burst his bed today well not really, he asked me to put the sides up, and when i did it caught the valve on his air bed matress (special one to help stop bed sores or something) and all the air came out!! he sunk about 6inches . it was still refilling whern i left 30mins later. feel a teeny bit guilty but also keep giggling about it.

anorak Sun 24-Jul-05 18:48:56

When my good friend Joe was in hospital a few years ago, he had an adjustable bed. My dds used to fold him up in it so you could hardly see him just this bed nearly folded in half and the sound of giggling coming out of it

misdee Sun 24-Jul-05 18:52:26

dh bed is also fully adjustable, just i heard a pop and ssssssssssssh and peter sunk down, was quite funny really.

gingerbear Sun 24-Jul-05 19:06:21

Great news Misdee (about Peter, not his bed!)

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