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dermotolearyswifetobe Sun 24-Jul-05 03:23:40

Any alternatives to Paracetemol. I have the worst toothache and there is no emergency dentist where I am so will have to wait until Monday and pray I can get an appt. then. IS there any alternative to Paracetemol. The brand I have is every 6 hours but the pain is back after about 3 and I just can't bear it. Anyone up at this hour of the night that can help.

Skribble Sun 24-Jul-05 03:26:00

Could try iboprophen

strugstu Sun 24-Jul-05 03:28:12

i'm sure my granny used to swear by oil of cloves for toothache- not sure if u can still get it.

QueenOfQuotes Sun 24-Jul-05 03:28:19

Neurofen capsules (sp).

dermotolearyswifetobe Sun 24-Jul-05 03:28:34

can I take that with paracetemol or as an alternative.

strugstu Sun 24-Jul-05 03:30:13

u can take both together- but better (i think personally) to take couple of nurofen (ibrupofen) then take paracetamol couple of hours later.

dermotolearyswifetobe Sun 24-Jul-05 03:32:43

thansk I think i have nurofen somewhre. The pain is really terrible. Its such a constant nagging pain with only respite for a couple of hours.

Thanks ladies. Thought I was the only person still up. :D

strugstu Sun 24-Jul-05 03:34:07

hope u feel better soon- i must go to bed now- X

QueenOfQuotes Sun 24-Jul-05 03:34:52

nah definitley not the only one still up.

I know it's quite warm at the moment, but a hot water bottle held against the jaw can help a little too.........or just make a coffee and hold the warm mug against your jaw

strugstu Sun 24-Jul-05 03:36:42

'gateway for the pain' - thats what the GP's call it! (i'm full of useless crap!)

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