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Bleeding and the pill.

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Smurfgirl Sat 23-Jul-05 21:27:54

I am on microgynon and pretty happy with it. Its just the basic combined pill where you take it for 21 days and then have the week break.

Only this month because I would have got my period during graduation, I skipped the break and just started the next pack so I oculd skip my period. When I went on the pill the nurse said that was an ok thing to do. I don't usually skip the break and my last few periods have been fine.

Only I didn't. I got my period, but heavy, longer, (it lasted 10 days) and continuously painful. I am not worried as such but I am a bit confused. And this is a bit gross but it was very clumpy for a few days.

My periods usually last 4-5 days and are only heavy for 1 or 2 days and not really painful.

I stopped yesterday, but my next period is due next Saturday, will I still get it after bleeding so heavily, so recently?

I know you can get breakthrough bleeding, but this was like a proper period.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Shazzler Sat 23-Jul-05 21:57:33

No ideas but that happened to me too. I had bleeding for about 2-3 weeks. It also happened on another pill I had. I did ask the Dr and he said it was because the pill was obviously the perfect balance for me! Not sure what he meant by that. I would have said it wasn't right as it should not happen. I will watch this tread to see if any one knows.

Smurfgirl Sun 24-Jul-05 15:41:38

Anyone else? I think I have started bleeding again today and am feeling very frustrated now

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