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Help! My 11 yar old son has eczema

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Kittiekat Sat 23-Jul-05 12:58:33

and now he has open sores, that weep, the size of 1 penny pieces on various parts of his body Been to G.P, specialists, given creams, bath oils nothing seems to work long term. Only bad in summer. Any advice please.....

tatt Sun 24-Jul-05 08:30:19

look in the allergy section, lots of advice. Have you tried Avveno yet?

Fran1 Sun 24-Jul-05 08:34:03

He has my sympathies . I am also suffering at the moment.

I have found that it really helped to concentrate on plastering Aveeno on far more than often - like up to 10 times a day. Then once the skin was softened and less open wound i applied steroids twice to calm it down bit and now back to smothering with Aveeno, and i am seeing results. Its like the wound slowly peels off to uncover smooth skin again!

Mine gets worse in summer too.
I normally steer very clear of steroids as they kill my skin pigments - but sometimes they are the only way out!


mandyc66 Sun 24-Jul-05 09:12:45

i always always used and use sudacreme on open excema!!! I swear by it!!!

mandyc66 Sun 24-Jul-05 09:14:20

my eldest used to suffer when he was little from infected excema.. I would clean out the wounds..brave little man and pack them with s.c then bandage for bed!!
He is 14 now and only gets it when its really warm.

mandyc66 Sun 24-Jul-05 09:15:01

also (sorry) food affected him too. Maybe he eats something in summer he doesnt any other time?

Kittiekat Sun 24-Jul-05 11:53:56

Thanks everyone Have tried Aveeno, but not for a while, its worth a try tho'. Not aware of change in diet... He's a plain eater IYKWIM

mandyc66 Mon 25-Jul-05 10:41:56

maybe some fruits. strawberries etc?
Anyway do try s/c I am sure you will find it beneficial!!!!

Kittiekat Mon 25-Jul-05 10:47:21

Doesn't eat strawberries as a rule, but I certainly will try S/C thanks

mandyc66 Mon 25-Jul-05 11:12:01

well as you can tell I swear by it!! It works on us and seems to cure everything!!!

mandyc66 Mon 25-Jul-05 14:17:19


came across this by accident

mandyc66 Mon 25-Jul-05 14:17:36

not done link right!!!

mandyc66 Mon 25-Jul-05 14:18:06


Kittiekat Mon 25-Jul-05 15:19:36

ooh thanks that looks interesting!! Also, someone mentioned Red Bush Tea bags to me, apparently you put 12 bags in the bath.... watch this space

mandyc66 Mon 25-Jul-05 18:36:54

not heard of that before.
I once tried tea bags for a fake tan!!!! didnt work!!!

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