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Tongue ulcers in babies

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Pupuce Wed 11-Jul-01 10:13:46

My 19 months old son has developped in the past week or so blisters/ulcers? on his tongue. It is obviously painful and he gets bad breath. At first I thought he had burned his tongue or bitten it with his big new teeth ! But then it appeared on the other side of his tongue and now it has appeared in a third location on the tongue though it isn't as bas and his breath is OK again.
Has anyone experienced this ? The initial problem was a "large" beige/brown spot, now they are more like white spots.


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Bloss Wed 11-Jul-01 10:55:05

Message withdrawn

Suew Wed 11-Jul-01 11:49:11

My daughter developed an infection her mouth around the same age. It went from being one or two blisters/ulcers to being something which caused her gums to swell to the extent that her teeth virtually completely disappeared. Three doctors over a week diagnosed a viral infection and then one gave antibiotics but it was two years before I discovered it had been her first case of herpes infection (cold sores).

She still suffers from cold sores and also gets ulcers a lot. A dentist here suggested that the ulcers may be a result of her biting herself in the night, particularly if they are on the toungue or the inside of the cheek.

Cw Thu 12-Jul-01 11:56:18

My daughter (2 years old) also gets ulcers on her tongue and I am told by a dentist these show she has an iron deficency. The dentist suggested we give her more spinach and brocolli.

Pupuce Sun 26-Aug-01 09:39:13

My husband saw on the web that mouth ulcers also happen when baby theeth... my son is teething (badly) right now and he has got 2 big ulcers... has anyone else noticed this ?

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Emsiewill Mon 27-Aug-01 09:06:48

Pupuce, my dd had terrible mouth ulcers when she was cutting her back teeth at about 2.5. I just used Bonjela on them, and as far as I can remember (it is 2 years ago!) they went quite quickly once the teeth were through.

Pupuce Thu 27-Sep-01 19:02:45

I have just asked my dentist about this and he has told me that it's because ds system is run down. It's basically a virus we all have in ourselves but when we are "weak" it can manifest itself.
There is something he can take but I am not going down that road as it always dissapear within 3-4 days.
He also gets a very severe nappy rash when his teeth come out.

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alyssajanesmummy Sun 21-Aug-05 12:49:56

Hi my daughter is 12months old and she has like a white spot thing on her tongue,can anyone tell me what this is and if it is bad/
many thanks emma holmes

jema92 Sat 20-Feb-16 13:28:36

Hi my little Lad who is 13 months also has these little white blisters on his tongue that I only noticed this morning but he's actually been unwell for about 2 days now and I just put it down to him teething because he hasn't ate as much as he usually does either. Are these white blisters caused because he is teething which he's teeth have been coming in pairs I noticed that he has 4 coming through at once and he already has 12 completely through. He also had a nappy rash which he has never had before I'm not sure I think I maybe best to take him to see a doctor but I just wanted to see what u other mums did

Mrsaayon Fri 09-Sep-16 04:02:29

Omg i just got done finding your info from 2001 whatttttt.. your kid must be like 15 now, if you get this notification, must be nice to read and look back into when your now grown son was a Baby smile best wishes.

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