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Mouth ulcers

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jampots Sat 23-Jul-05 09:15:14

I had a mouth ulcer yesterday which was annoying but now have woken up with about 3 or 4 sore patches around the edges of my tongue - not sure if they're ulcers yet to be honest but gosh v annoying. Going on hols tomorrow and need a quick cure?

LittleMissNaughty Sat 23-Jul-05 09:18:17

Rinstead pastilles are great for mouth ulcers. You can get them in most chemists.

Hope that helps.

lockets Sat 23-Jul-05 09:22:20

Message withdrawn

jampots Sat 23-Jul-05 09:23:28


yes a bit spikey - have also been sleeping for England - what can I expect ?

lockets Sat 23-Jul-05 09:26:21

Message withdrawn

jampots Sat 23-Jul-05 09:36:06

ok - i can probably deal with that but my tongue is soo sore. Will o/d on Rinstead I think - thanks LMN I think we have some of those but forgot all about them

lockets Sat 23-Jul-05 09:40:35

Message withdrawn

kid Sat 23-Jul-05 09:57:43

I always use bonjela, it doesn't numb the tongue for very long but offers a bit of relief.

lalaa Sat 23-Jul-05 10:42:39

you might have geographic tongue. i had it when i was pregnant. nothing to worry about, just a bit annoying. i think it can be a sign of some nutritional deficiency - google it and see what you can find. mine went away as soon as i'd had dd.

GeorginaA Sat 23-Jul-05 17:32:18

We've had that virus thing too... seems to culminate in 24hrs of high temperature then disappears as fast as it came...

spidermama Sat 23-Jul-05 17:34:24

Is this ulcer causing virus catchable via the mumsnet website. Yikes. I'd better do some housework then.

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