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Dental Charges (How Exciting)

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Fimbo Fri 22-Jul-05 14:28:39

How much do fillings on the NHS cost? My dh has just been charged £80. He says he didn't have to sign any forms either. Anyone?

twirlaround Fri 22-Jul-05 14:29:12

Root filling?

WigWamBam Fri 22-Jul-05 14:30:41

£80 is about right for an NHS root filling, ordinary fillings are much cheaper. Does he have any more work to have done? He won't sign a form for the NHS treatment until it's completed.

Fimbo Fri 22-Jul-05 14:30:50

Don't think so. Dentist did ask if he wanted white and he just said yes without thinking.

WigWamBam Fri 22-Jul-05 14:31:48

Ah - white fillings are a different kettle of fish. He will have paid private charges for a white filling, unless it's one of his front few teeth.

spidermama Fri 22-Jul-05 14:31:54

My dentist is charging £50 for a white filling.

Fimbo Fri 22-Jul-05 14:32:15

Thanks WWB - no more treatment required so I assumed he would have/should have signed the forms. He's going to phone them this afternoon to check.

Fimbo Fri 22-Jul-05 14:33:55

Grr men . Its at the back, so wouldn't have been seen.

chicagomum Fri 22-Jul-05 15:15:31

if its at the back it would be private for a white filling and the individual dentist would set the charges themselves in terms of signing a form, if he had no treatment under the nhs (eg a check up ) he wouldn't need to sign a form for private treatment

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