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DB has peritonitis

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Moomin Fri 22-Jul-05 08:31:34

Found out this morning that my brother has peritonitis. He is in hospital in the maldives and has been very ill for the last few weeks. He has a very big abcess on his liver that has caused the peritonitis. I spoke to his surgeon this morning and they're going to operate in a few hours' time. He said that because my brother is relatively young (35) and healthy he should be ok but I'm worried sick. I feel so helpless. I can't fly out there as I'm 26wks pg. I can't tell my dad all the details as he will worry too much (he's late 70s and a widower and having him worry to death about it will not help the situation).

My db's gf is with him over there and will keep me posted and all we have to do now is wait and see. I'm trying to be positive and take my mind of things by reading through threads here, rather than looking up stories of doom and gloom about this condition. I just want someone to tell me it's going to be ok.

Flossam Fri 22-Jul-05 08:38:29

Aw bless him. He is poorly isn't he? That probably explains why he has been less than lucid at times, he has had a high temp from this infection. I have had pateints recover from this double your DB's age. Of course, every case is individual and I don't know much about him. But he is young and this op will make him feel so much better. IME though it is quite often a slowish recovery, as they have been so rotten pre op more than the actual op itself, and also the body's response to the infection takes a few days to 'calm down' IYSWIM.

Do you know what has caused the liver absess?

Moomin Fri 22-Jul-05 08:46:40

Thanks for your thoughts Flossam. It's hard to say exactly what has caused it but he spent some time on holiday in India 2 months ago and may well have picked something up there. He's a seasoned traveller - has spent 1 year in India a few years ago and ever since has worked as a diver in malaysia/thailand/bali, etc so you'd think he'd be pretty resilient by now but obviously not...
I need to hear positive things like your comments; silly I know as every case is different but makes me feel better.

What makes me angry is that he went to A&E in Manchester before he flew out, about 3/4 weeks ago, with stomach and chest pains. They said they thoguht he has pleurisy (sp) and gave him painkillers and said it would die down eventually. He had no scans or xrays there, even though they knew he was flying and that he also was a diver. By the time he arrived in the Maldives he was in a lot of pain and after a couple of days his gf took him to hospital where they disgnosed the abcess straight away. The hospital there was horrified that a uk hospital could miss something like this.

Moomin Fri 22-Jul-05 08:48:30

I know it's hard for you to say, but if the op goes ok and he responds well to the antibitoics, would he be well enough to fly home in a few weeks so that he can recover fully over here?

Flossam Fri 22-Jul-05 08:56:01

It is hard to say Moomin, like you say. In a couple of weeks time he would I have thought definately be fit to fly in one way or another as long as there are no further complications and the op first time is successful. Whether he will be fit enough to do it as a usual passenger or with a transport team I don't know, sorry. Airlines are funny about this sort of thing I think - do you know if he has insurance yet? If able to travel with a transport team it could theoretically take place sooner, Antibiotics, IV fliuds and observations can take place during the journey much the same as they would on a ward. Whether it can be arranged in such time I just don't know. HTH, and try not to worry. I'm sure he will be feeling so much better once this is all sorted.

Moomin Fri 22-Jul-05 08:59:08

Thanks. His gf told me last night that their boss is trying to get insurance through their accident cover sorted. They'll be able to say yes or no sometime today. Even if they say no I was wondering if they's at least be able to help with arrangements and we foot the bill? anyway, I need to just get the next few hours sorted first then we can do positive things after. Thanks, you've helped a lot.

Flossam Fri 22-Jul-05 09:04:05

Yes moomin they might. But like you said, see how today goes then perhaps in the next few days if they say no to the insurance, you can start to discuss this with his consultant who will be much better qualified to say when and how he gets home. Keep us updated, I will look out for you.

Kayleigh Fri 22-Jul-05 09:04:07

Moomin, just wanted to say that I hope the op goes well for your brother today. He is young and from what you say usually very fit so he should make a good recovery. It must be so hard for you being so far away. I hope he is home with you soon. X

Moomin Fri 22-Jul-05 10:09:46

Don't know why I'm doing this really but I want people to see how lovely he is. This is the link to his old centre. Scroll down a bit. My brother is Mark and his gf is Florence in the pic above him.

My very sensible friend who's also a nurse has just been round to see me and talking to her has made me feel better too. She's explained the procedure in deatil which has helped, and has persuaded me not to jump on a plane and fly out which is what I have been sorely tempted to do the past few hours. Fingers crossed for the next couple of hours xxx

Flossam Fri 22-Jul-05 10:22:32

he is a very lovely looking chap moomin, and also a very fit looking one. that will stand him in very good stead.

Moomin Fri 22-Jul-05 13:01:55

Just got a text from his gf. Operation is over - it took 3 hours but no news apart from that. Hoping this is good as it might mean they were very thorough (surgeon originally thought 1 hour). Keep thinking no news is good news.

Flossam Fri 22-Jul-05 18:57:51

have you hear any more yet Moomin?

sassy Sat 23-Jul-05 08:10:02

HI darling, hope things are looking up for your bro now.
Thinking of you - its a stressful time. Be in touch in RL soon xx

suedonim Sat 23-Jul-05 12:43:02

How's he doing, Moomin?

Moomin Sun 24-Jul-05 19:25:54

sorry not to have given update until now. Made the decision to go to see friends for weekend once we knew he was ok. His gf phoned shortly after I last posted to say the op had gone well and his doctors were pleased.

Have had a stressful weekend though being contacted by Divers' insurance company in Italy and db's gf, all in pidgeon English trying to find out if we can bring him home or not! I will post separate thread on this as I now need advice on how to obtain hospital records.

But his gf texted again this morning with a lovely message to say 'his beautiful face was smiling again after 2 weeks of being covered with pain', which was great news and made me cry with relief. Must go read dd a story then watch corrie for a bit of light relief than back to business on the medical records... Thanks for all your kind words and thoughts.

suedonim Mon 25-Jul-05 14:32:38

So pleased he's come through thos ordeal okay, Moomin.

Moomin Tue 26-Jul-05 09:08:49

He;s doing very well. Still uncomfortable and tired but nowhere near as much pain as before the op. Managed to sit in a chair yesterday and has even had a little walk today. May be out of hosp in 2-3wks then will come home to get fully better. His bosses are keeping his job open for him

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