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Wonky toes!

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Nbg Thu 21-Jul-05 22:38:26

This was the real reason for me coming on tonight and it's taken me 1hr to get round to posting it!!

Anyhoo, have just noticed tonight that one of dd's little toes is bent right in towards her other toes. I've touched it and it doesn't cause her any pain but it certainly doesn't look right.
Her other little toe does it a bit but not as much as this one.

Any ideas? Could she have broken it?

marthamoo Thu 21-Jul-05 22:50:20

How old is she? Ds2 has a wonky toe - he's had it from birth. It is bent right over and lies behind the others so you can't see it. He calls it his "hiding toe" (awwww)

Has she had new shoes? Could they be squashing her toe? Does she need a bigger size?

Is it possible she has always had this and you haven't noticed it before? I didn't notice ds2's - the HV pointed it out to me. If it was broken I am sure she would be in pain.

The HV told me wonky toes are quite common (often run in families) and are nothing to worry about. My friend's dd also has a wonky toe, however, (lies over the others) and was told she needed it correcting (they fit a litle splint which they wear inside their shoe). So although ds's toe doesn't bother him at all I asked the GP and she has referred him to an orthopaedic specialist (waiting for an appointment now).

I would see your GP - and get some advice. But if it isn't hurting I wouldn't be worried.

Nbg Thu 21-Jul-05 22:56:58

She's nearly 22 months. I have never noticed it before and tbh I'm quite obsessed when it comes to her feet (ex Clarks manager ) Her shoes are fine but like I said I did press on her toe and she didn't mutter a word.

It's bent in level with her other toes but it's the top half of the toe IYSWIM.

Do you think it's worth a trip to the Dr's then?

marthamoo Thu 21-Jul-05 23:00:00

Yes, I would say so - just to put your mind at rest. You sound like someone who 'knows' feet and would have noticed it before now. So as it's something that has changed then, yes, it's worth a GP visit I reckon.

Nbg Thu 21-Jul-05 23:07:32

Thanks. Worked with kids feet for years and never come across this.

I'll get an appt tomorrow.

Skribble Fri 22-Jul-05 00:19:43

DD has a "wee sick toe" on both feet, she was refered when about 3. We were advised that its the tendon and they won't operate until 6yrs. He showed us how to tape her foot to encourage it to straighten but this caused her skin to get sore and split so we never kept that up.

I am interested in the splint as we have tried all sorts of ideas with no joy nothing stays in place or holds toe up.

DD is 5.5yrs so we will be returning to doctor, if she needs an operation I'd rather get it now as she loves dancing and I don't want her toes to affect this.

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