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Anyone had experience of lump on neck?

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lovecloud Thu 21-Jul-05 19:37:39

My mum called an hour ago to say she was taking my brother to A&E, our gp told her to take him after he examined him today. He has a large munp on his neck which was the size of a pea last week and he has had a lump in his testicles for awhile. He is a typical teenager and it has taken ages for my mum to get him to the docs today, i dont want to think of worse situation. what els could these lumps be - glands maybe?
If there is anything seriously wromg with him then he wont be able to cope. He is an addict and cant cope with any kind of stress. I want soemthing to be slightly wrong with him but treatable but enough to scare him into thinking about the way he abuses his body. I have talked on mumsnet before about his addiction but under a different name. Teenages especially addicts think their invincable - i just hope he is ok.

fisil Thu 21-Jul-05 19:41:41

I had a lump on my neck in my early 20s when a student. It was apparently my lymph node, and it was a glandular thing.

GetOrlaithOut Thu 21-Jul-05 19:44:11

Hmm, do you want reassurance and/or truth? I can give you a positive story and one not so...

lovecloud Thu 21-Jul-05 19:52:37

Hello G.O.O.

Not sure what I want, be interested in hearing both though.

GetOrlaithOut Thu 21-Jul-05 19:55:29

OK, well I think a lump in the neck can be any number of things.

My boyfriend at uni (well through A levels and Uni - together 5 yrs) got a lump in his neck and he had Hodgkin's disease/lymphoma. I can't remember how quickly the lump grew though.

A few yrs later I had exactly the same thing, was terrified (obviously) and had it removed - like fisil, it was just a lymph node that had reacted and had not gone down again. They think it was toxoplasmosis caught from a cat!

I really hope it isn't anything serious.

lovecloud Thu 21-Jul-05 20:33:41

Some guy who i lived with in a house share had a cancerous lump in his neck in his late teens through to earlt twenties. he had the whole treatment and got through it.

glad to hear you did too

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