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Meningitis or just a bug?

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QueenEagle Thu 21-Jul-05 19:29:40

ds3 aged 2.7 is worrying me - not sure whether to take him to the out of hours gp.

Looked unwell when he woke from his afternoon nap, keeps yawning. Temp 39.5/103 although this now seems to have gone down to near normal. He's very floppy and struggling to keep his eyes open. He's just been very sick despite eating nothing since lunchtime. Very pale, with white lips, feels hot but no temp.

Bug? Bit worried about putting him to bed in case it's not...

Twiglett Thu 21-Jul-05 19:30:49

call nhs direct 0845 46 47

Whizzz Thu 21-Jul-05 19:30:50

Any rash / blotches ?

lilaclotus Thu 21-Jul-05 19:31:19

is he vomiting or does he have diarrhea? has he got a rash?

hercules Thu 21-Jul-05 19:31:53

Take him into casuality. HE doesnt have to have all the symptoms eg spots

QueenEagle Thu 21-Jul-05 19:32:12

no rash, i have kept checking.

won't move, just sitting with his head down.

hoxtonchick Thu 21-Jul-05 19:33:03

i'd take him to a&e too.

lilaclotus Thu 21-Jul-05 19:33:26

can he look down? does his neck hurts?

hercules Thu 21-Jul-05 19:33:27

THey dont have to have all the symptoms. Take him, they'll check him straightaway. Dd's had suspected menigistis twice now and they take no chances.

Whizzz Thu 21-Jul-05 19:34:48

Yup take him - better safe than sorry.

Hope hes OK

Jimjams Thu 21-Jul-05 19:35:48

if he's bending his neck down very unlikely to be meningitis, but if you're worried have him checked. DS1 worried me a few weeks ago like this but as he could bend his neck I just kept an eye on him- recovered really quickly.

Aimsmum Thu 21-Jul-05 19:35:55

Message withdrawn

QueenEagle Thu 21-Jul-05 19:35:58

I know it is prob just a bug. He doesn't speak yet so cant tell me where he hurts.

Seems a tad more perky now he's been sick tho

Sitting on my knee watching me type.

Jimjams Thu 21-Jul-05 19:36:31

Do you have an out of hours doctors? sometimes better than a and e for this sort of thing.

QueenEagle Thu 21-Jul-05 19:37:31

Yes can put his chin down.

Bloody worrieed me when he was just flopping on the floor then was really sick.

hercules Thu 21-Jul-05 19:38:18

Honestly, I would take a floppy baby straight to A & E.

QueenEagle Thu 21-Jul-05 19:38:38

Going to bath him and see what he's like then.

Thanks guys.

Aimsmum Thu 21-Jul-05 19:39:38

Message withdrawn

Whizzz Thu 21-Jul-05 19:40:32

NHS Direct is always good to put your mind at rest - let us know how he is - poor thing

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