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New teeth, bleeding gums

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evansmummy Thu 21-Jul-05 19:05:47

My 7 month old has just cut his second lot of teeth, on the top, and they both came the same day. Thing is, they both have red bits in the middle, as if you can see the gum through them. Is this cos they're not properly formed yet? Is that normal?

Also, when brushing his gums have been bleeding. Is there anything I should/shouldn't do? Like stop brushing or put something on them? Can I use bonjela even if they're bleeding??

chicagomum Thu 21-Jul-05 19:12:29

probably just a bit of the gum still over the tooth, which will go in a few days keep cleaning but do it gently as you don't want to make them more sore, but want to ensure any raw areas of gum don't get irritated/infected. using bonjela is fine it won't cause any probs with bleeding

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