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Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

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pie Tue 24-Jun-03 19:41:57

When I saw the consultant last week he prescribed this vitamin. The thing is I think its making me really constipated and giving me stomach cramps.

Any one know how much is in something like Floradix or Spatone? I really don't want to take the pills anymore, but don't want not to take it as I'm assuming the doctor prescribed it due to the blood tests that had come back.

tamum Tue 24-Jun-03 20:36:45

Hello pie,

Floradix has 1 mg per 10 ml spoonful \link{}\here
Spatone doesn't look as though it contains any, to be honest, but i may be looking in the wrong places.
Boy, you're having a really tough time, aren't you, I hope things improve soon.

tamum Tue 24-Jun-03 20:37:38

Well, I messed that up didn't I!

pie Tue 24-Jun-03 20:42:13

Thanks tamum, just checked my copy of the prescription and it says 25mg a day so I would need like 25 doses of Floradix, or am I reading that wrong??

tamum Tue 24-Jun-03 20:46:53

I think that's right, these kind of products usually have very much lower amounts of vitamins than prescription drugs. I'm sure I don't need to say that 25 doses of Floradix a day would probably cause you far more problems than you've got now

pie Tue 24-Jun-03 20:50:08


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