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Eye ulcer

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Claireandrich Tue 24-Jun-03 16:56:43

Just wanted a whinging session really but no one to whinge to at home - DD too young to care really! I have an eye ulcer and it is so painful and my vision is so bad I can't do anything.

I woke with an itchy eye on Sunday and put it down to hayfever. It got worse and worse during the day, and by evening it was agony. It was like a very heavy pressure pushing down on the right eye, itchy and sore, and weeping constantly. Painkillers didn't touch it and I was up all night. I guessed I had an infection and made an appointment Monday morning to see the doctor. Doctor could see someting in my eye but couldn't remove it as my eye was so swollen. So, he packed me off to eye casulty. Luckily MIL was available to take me and watch DD as there is no way I can drive. Spent all afternoon at casulty having tests and numerous eye scrapes - ouch, ouch, ouch Turns out I have an ulcer on my cornea, probably caused my contact lenses. So I now have eye drops to apply hourly during the day for the next seven days. I go back to eye casulty tomorrow to get the results and see if it is starting to heal. I can't wear my lenses for the next month. My vision is getting a bit better this afternoon but I have had to switch my computer to big text, etc. - on the visual impairment settings - so that I can use it!

What's really bugging me is that I got Harry Potter on Saturday, read 3 chapters that night but haven't been able to read it since. It's driving me mad! And, I can't drive (so can't work either) this week, so we are stuck in the house too.

That's it anyway - no real message, just an outlet for my frustration and pain !

wickedstepmother Tue 24-Jun-03 16:59:29

Ouch, poor you Sending out sympathy vibes...

bunny2 Tue 24-Jun-03 21:28:03

Claireandrich, I have had three of these buggers in the last year (mine were ulcers on the eyeball though). Apparently daily disposable lenses cause them m ore frequently. The last time I got one, I went to Boots and bought some Golden Eye eyedrops to use but ended up at the eye hospital anyway! I think the Golden eye drops can be effective if used immediately on feeling there is something wrong so I am always going to have a supply at home. I have always been told to leave out my lenses for a fortnight (never so, only till the infection clears). Much sympathy to you

Enid Tue 24-Jun-03 21:53:42

I had one when on holiday in Australia (bad bad eye hygiene!) and the optician cut it off with a scalpel.

Pleasant...not. Still, I only had to wear a patch for a couple of days

Enid Tue 24-Jun-03 21:54:07

- thats me with the patch BTW

Claireandrich Wed 25-Jun-03 12:43:43

Well been back to hospital today but it hasn't improved at all despite the hourly drops. Have to keep going in dialy now and they are taking my lenses away for analysis too. They need to check for a really aggresive bug called somethig like a cantanema (sp???) as the antibiotics haven't helped yet. It is agony so sympathies for you have had had them too. Interestingly though 3 doctors so far told me that daily disposables would be better as it avoids the cleaning issue and they are new sterile ones each day. Hopit starts to sort itself too as I am missing all this sun - my eyes won't open at all outside and I need to read HP soon. This compter screen is set to such large settings just so I am not competely shut off!

milch Wed 25-Jun-03 13:51:54

clairandrich - more sympathy vibes coming your way!

I've never (thank god) had what you describe, but I have had other eye problems and a very soothing and swelling-reducing home treatment is to bathe the eye with a teabag. Brew some really strong tea (no sugar or milk!) and let it cool. When it's comfortably warm lie back on a towel and lay the teabag on your closed eye. If you do both eyes make sure to use different tea bags in different tea cups.

Hope it settles down soon.

bunny2 Wed 25-Jun-03 17:03:53

Clairandrich, sorry the drops arent helping. They always kick in quite quickly with me. It is so flipping painful isnt it? Regarding the daily disposables, the reason I chose to use them was because I am a slob and couldnt see myself sterilising lenses every night. I assumed wearing them I would be less prone to infections but, according to the eye doc I saw, the daily ones are not so well made and therefore split or tear easily causing abrasions to the eyeball.

bunny2 Wed 25-Jun-03 17:04:55

Enid, I wore a patch for a day and my husband couldnt stop laughing erery time he looked at me. Thanks for the sympathy, love.

Claireandrich Mon 30-Jun-03 22:05:58

Just an update, I have been back to the hospital today - 4 times in a week now! The ulcer is finally responding to the hourly drops after a week. My vision is loads better and it doesn't hurt so much indoors. If it is bright outside like yesterday I have problems though. I am now on more eye drops and steroids drops which should get it better quickly now. I will have to use the drops combination for a couple of weeks more at least though. I can finally drive again (and get to work) on Thursday so long as there are no set backs, so may finally get to focus on reading long enough for Harry Potter! I go back on Monday next week for another check up. No lenses for a month though

I still can't believe how long this is taking. I think it has been coming for a while but I mistook the signs for hayfever to start with, so it ot really bad and aggressive before I knew it.

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