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Went very dizzy today - it scared me

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jampots Tue 19-Jul-05 16:08:29

After collecting ds from school at 3.10 I jumped back into the car and started to drive off. The school is only a 2 min drive away but as soon as I turned the corner I started to feel really dizzy. I stayed this way until I reached home (should have gone to pick dd up from her school but felt to scared to drive). I looked in the mirror at one point and think my lips were very pale which scared me even more. My legs started feeling quite "heavy" too although I dont feel like my heart rate really changed. Has anyone else felt like this. Havent really eaten a lot today so could be that but now too scared to drive to Tesco (made dh drive us to collect dd)

WideWebWitch Tue 19-Jul-05 16:10:08

Food I bet jampots. It's not often I don't eat enough but on the rare occasion I haven't I have sometimes felt dizzy. Eat and I bet you feel better.

chicagomum Tue 19-Jul-05 16:16:34

prob either low blood sugar or dehydration combat either with a sweet drink, other possibilty could be low blood pressure so if you keep doing it would be worth getting that checked out (i've got that and if i get up to quickly after sitting for a while the room spins etc)

jolou1 Tue 19-Jul-05 16:51:56

Inner ear infections can cause dizziness, but you usually notice it when you stand up. (It feels like trying to walk in a cross-channel ferry on a really rough crossing) Doctor can give tablets to alleviate nausea if necessary.

IvortheEngine Tue 19-Jul-05 16:56:21

jampots - Don't ignore these symptoms. I can speak from (very) recent experience. I ended up in A&E. Don't drive until you feel well again. Make an appointment asap with your gp to get your blood pressure checked. Take care.

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