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berolina Mon 18-Jul-05 17:25:06

dh started with an annoying dry cough on Friday, to which a stuffy nose was added on Sat. We thought he just had a cold or something but last night and this morning he felt really rotten and was coughing more (by now he had started coughing up phlegm), so he went to the dr and has been diagnosed with bronchitis and given antibiotics. He's not feeling too bad now and the dr said he should be fine soon. I'm really worried about ds (nearly 9 weeks) though. He seems fine at the moment, but dh holds him etc. a lot and we co-sleep. What makes matters more difficult is that we're currently staying at sil's several hundred miles from home and the plan is to be here for another week, then go on somewhere else entirely. He is going to sleep in a different room, we have changed the bedclothes on my bed and he is staying away from ds as much as possible. We were at the paed this afternoon, who listened to his chest, said he's fine right now and that he should be OK as at his age he still has my immune protection. Being asthmatic I've had several episodes of bronchitis in my life, but it isn't something you can only get once, is it? Anyway, I've been wondering whether to go home with ds. The paed said this wasn't necessary and dh doesn't want me to go, but I'm so worried about ds. OTOH it would be complicated to go home as I don't drive and would have a 4-hour train ride with several changes and would then be entirely on my own (no friends/family nearby) which would be nasty if he got ill. What do you think?

berolina Mon 18-Jul-05 17:48:37

just been doing a bit of research. am i right that acute bronchitis is not an infection in itself but a secondary (bacterial) infection to some kind of viral infection?

hunkermunker Mon 18-Jul-05 17:48:41

I'd stay put. If he does get it - and this is by no means a given, small babies are often very resistant to picking things up IMO - youl'l want to be around family, not miles away from everyone.

Sorry your DH is ill - hope he's better soon.

berolina Mon 18-Jul-05 20:04:49

ta hunker. currently i am still here. i have never known him to feed as constantly as today (which is saying something... ) so hope he's tanking up on antibodies...
anyone else got experiences of bronchitis?

hunkermunker Tue 19-Jul-05 21:52:44

How old is he now? Growth spurt, maybe?

So glad feeding's working for you - no experience of bronchitis, but bump as well as xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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