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Got stung by a wasp today....on my breast!

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vwvic Mon 18-Jul-05 16:36:43

...I was brushing my teeth this morning when I felt it sting me. I fear that it was the wobbling flesh which angered it.

It's extremely painful.

Like my breast is a ball of flames (sorry sorry sorry if TMI ).

Help me please! I've tried antihistamines, wasp-eze spray stuff, vinegar and ice, and it still really hurts. It's agony actually.

Thanks for letting me whine .

misdee Mon 18-Jul-05 16:37:51

has it made them bigger? couldnt reists sorry.

franke Mon 18-Jul-05 16:40:57

ooh ooh ooowww oww OOOOWWWW!!!!!!

Just googled - one site suggests applying a paste of bicarb and water. Sorry not much help but a lot of sympathy coming your way from here.

WigWamBam Mon 18-Jul-05 16:41:50

Is the sting still in, because if it is, you need to get it out.

Try some bicarbonate of soda mixed to a paste with water and plastered onto the sting.

DaddyCool Mon 18-Jul-05 16:45:24

ouch! well i can't say that has happened to me but i did have one sting me directly on the crown.

Janh Mon 18-Jul-05 16:46:48

ow ow ow - you poor thing -

vwvic Mon 18-Jul-05 16:48:38

Misdee- no thankfully! If anything my poor nipple has shrivelled to next to nothing.

WWb- the sting is out. Dh was pressed into service when it happened this morning. I don't think he had a easy job getting it out though- I just couldn't keep still. I think my "lets be calm when we see a wasp" approach with the kiddies may well be totally blown out of the water now though!

If that wasn't humiliating enough, DD2 has been telling everyone we have seen not to touch mummy's breasts because the nasty thing tried to bite them! Oh the shame....

vwvic Mon 18-Jul-05 16:49:49

Off to try the bicarb now.
Updates to follow!

nutcracker Mon 18-Jul-05 16:49:58

OUCH you have my sympathy, the same thing happened to me on holiday once.
The wasp flew down my top, so me being the clever thing I am clutched my arms to my chest, squashing the wasp and making it sting me.

I don't think i put anything on mine.

WigWamBam Mon 18-Jul-05 16:53:02

vwvic, if your dh struggled to get it out then he's probably squeezed even more of the sting into you in the process. No wonder it's painful!

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