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Food poisoning - how quickly?

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Aimsmum Mon 18-Jul-05 12:39:42

Message withdrawn

SaintGeorge Mon 18-Jul-05 12:44:39

Most forms of food poisoning (ie salmonella) would take longer.

However, viral infections can take hold very quickly. Norwalk virus is one of the commonest (the 'winter vomiting' bug you hear about in hospitals) and if someone working in the takeaway is a carrier then you could catch it that quickly.

The good news is that it is fairly mild and quickly passes - although it is very infectious and can cause problems for someone with a suppressed immune system.

Aimsmum Mon 18-Jul-05 12:46:10

Message withdrawn

SaintGeorge Mon 18-Jul-05 12:54:03

Still could be - it causes problems at both ends

When it does cause vomiting it can be quite dramatic 4ft projectile stuff - hence the name.

Lonelymum Mon 18-Jul-05 12:56:54

Aimsmum, my sympathies to you. TBH, it doesn't sound like food poisoning to me. Not to have gone through your system quite that quickly. It sounds like a bug to me. Remember our sort are very good at not vomiting so the bug materialises further down. I shall keep my fingers crossed for you.

Aimsmum Mon 18-Jul-05 13:02:13

Message withdrawn

Lonelymum Mon 18-Jul-05 13:04:12

What a sweetie! I really hope she stays well for both your sakes.

Aimsmum Mon 18-Jul-05 13:06:39

Message withdrawn

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