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Diaorrhea help PLEASE!

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wobblyknicks Sun 17-Jul-05 10:41:03

Sorry if this has been done before, I did do a search (ok fishy?) but couldn't find anything.

Basically dd has had diaorrhea since Weds, and has a cold and a bit of a cough but she's completely normal apart from that. Am trying to keep her fruit intake down but she's loves it to bits so its quite hard. Also getting as much water, or watery juice down her as possible but she'll only drink about a glass full a day and wants lots of milk. I know milk isn't good for diaorrhea but surely its better than not getting fluids down her?

So basically what should I give her to counteract the diaorrhea?

wobblyknicks Sun 17-Jul-05 10:42:06

And should I take her to the docs bearing in mind she's fine otherwise and I've got (and been giving) rehydrating fluids already?

lilaclotus Sun 17-Jul-05 10:44:10

apple and banana should be ok. i would avoid milk and stick to water.

marne Sun 17-Jul-05 10:45:48

Does she like bananas, theyre supossed to be good for bad tummys, as for the milk if thats all she will drink then you cant realy not give her any, is there anyway you could water the milk down. Dairy products will just feed the bug and make it last longer, flat coke is suposed to help if you can get it in to her.

wobblyknicks Sun 17-Jul-05 10:46:35

Thanks lilaclotus, thing is how important is it to avoid milk because she doesn't drink much water/juice unless I let her get really thirsty, which obviously isn't a great idea atm.

wobblyknicks Sun 17-Jul-05 10:48:41

Forgot to say I have been watering the milk down - about half and half and she'll have about 3 glasses of that and her bedtime bottle, so she gets about a litre of fluid or a little bit under. Will give her lots of banana, thanks.

HappyMumof2 Sun 17-Jul-05 10:53:40

Message withdrawn

wobblyknicks Sun 17-Jul-05 10:59:09

Thanks HMO2, will try those foods - thats the BRAT diet isn't it, I knew there was a 'diet' for bugs, just had to get a knowledgable MN'er

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