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Help! Painful blisters on toes- what is this?

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beachbaby Sun 17-Jul-05 08:50:12

After an afternoon in the paddling pool, my dd developed painful blisters on the underneath of 4 toes in a row. Other kids got these too - on top of the toes and on fingers.
These blisters are painful and bled in some cases.

Could it be too many chemicals in the pool or something else? Any ideas?

Fran1 Sun 17-Jul-05 08:59:30

presume you were in a public paddling pool then if there were chemicals in it?

I'm not sure i'm afraid, could they have burnt their toes walking on hot ground?

beachbaby Sun 17-Jul-05 09:11:32

yes, public pool - and maybe they are burns - but surely nothing could have got that hot?

ScrewballMuppet Sun 17-Jul-05 09:13:07

I would get it checked out to be sure or ring nhs direct for some advice

basketcase Sun 17-Jul-05 09:19:37

Do they have any blisters on their hands or tongue? Could it be hand, foot, mouth disease? Other symptoms can be slight raised temp, a little bit off colour, complaining of sore throat. Sometimes the blisters only show up on feet or only on hands. My little one got them on her toes first, then noticed them on the soles of feet, then hands and mouth. Mouth was most painful.
Just a thought as it is infectious and so more could catch it at the same time.

beachbaby Sun 17-Jul-05 11:56:48

Basketcase I did wonder about that but no other blisters or symptoms - so far anyhow.

Perhaps NHS direct would be a good idea

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