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ds2 is sunburnt :(

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peaceandlight Sat 16-Jul-05 18:38:36

dp took him out today and didn't put the suncream on him

it's mainly his forearms, he's 6 yrs old

what should i do? anything?

Laylasmum Sat 16-Jul-05 18:40:25

All you can really do now is cool the burnt areas with flannels or tepid bath and apply somehing like calamine lotion!! obviously if the burn is sevre , blisters or he becomes unwell then get him seen and also don't beat yourself up about it!!

Aimsmum Sat 16-Jul-05 18:45:39

Message withdrawn

starrynight Sat 16-Jul-05 18:59:00

I have an aloe vera plant which is brilliant for sunburn (only reason I have it) - better than shop bought gel. You just cut off a leaf, cut the leaf open and smear the gel inside over the burnt area.

It is fantastic - and as a burnee of nearly 30 yrs the only thing that really works.

Frizbe Sat 16-Jul-05 20:00:45

Someone on here said tomatoes are good the other day?
I'd use yoghurt, that works too.

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