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Tonsillitus & swollen glands

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justmummy Fri 15-Jul-05 12:13:34

DD (3) has very swollen glands on right side just under her ear. In lots of pain moving her head, cries in the car when we go over bumps in the road.
GP yesterday diagnosed tonsillitus and she has a course of penicillin for this.
Does anyone else have experience of very swollen glands with tonsillitus as when my ds had this his glands were fine. Today is the 3rd day its been like this and its much worse today than yesterday. Every time she moves she has a pained look on her face its really bothering her.
I was concerned she might have mumps but GP said 'no, mumps is very rare'.
Is it normal to have such enlarged glands with tonsillitus?

HappyMumof2 Fri 15-Jul-05 12:56:15

Message withdrawn

justmummy Fri 15-Jul-05 13:00:48

She's had MMR but did have a suspected case of German Measles (no blood test taken to confirm but doc was sure) a few months after having it. So i was wondering if she could be one of the few that it hasn't worked for.
I'll check out symptoms for glandular fever. Thanks

justmummy Fri 15-Jul-05 19:10:19

Any more experience of this anyone?

bigdonna Mon 18-Jul-05 14:07:05

If her glands are still swollen today i would take her back to the gp as happymum of 2 said it could be glandular fever they cant give you anything for this but they need to do a blood test to tell if she has it,it is very painful as a child i had swollen glands for 2 months before they realised i had glandular fever.

bigdonna Mon 18-Jul-05 14:07:48

sorry meant to say hope shes feeling better soon as im sure its very painful.

justmummy Thu 21-Jul-05 19:36:34

thanx for replies. she was admitted to hospital last saturday as she woke up with whole right side of neck & cheek bright red. her gland got infected so she needed antibiotics by drip. now on sixth day of this & at last temperature is normal - hopefully if this keeps up for 24 hours we can go home. not been a good week!

Saxy Thu 21-Jul-05 19:53:44

Poor you and dd, it must have been very worrying. She must have been in agony. I hope she gets out of hospital soon.

Lonelymum Thu 21-Jul-05 19:55:31

Just wanted to say, ds2 had mumps despite having the MMR, but it was very mild and didn't really cause him any discomfort.

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