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Peter had a blood clot removed this morning.

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misdee Thu 14-Jul-05 13:06:49

i only jusat found out as have been all morning without my mobile. he got the hospital to ring his mum and tell her, as he didnt want me to worry and keep dd1 off school (like i would, i send her in as long as she isnt upset andi would've have told her anyway). They thought he may need to go back to ITU afterwards, but they managed to remove it without a genreal anasethic. am going to see him later. my poor man, he is really going through it atm.

Toothache Thu 14-Jul-05 13:08:27

Aw misdee.
I am so wishing you all some good luck!

swiperfox Thu 14-Jul-05 13:08:43

Blimey Misdee. Is he ok? or at least as ok as he can be just now?

Fimbo Thu 14-Jul-05 13:08:50

(sorry you are going through this Misdee - don't really know what else to say)

Lucycat Thu 14-Jul-05 13:09:02

and so are you misdee - this must be an awful strain. Hope you are all feeling better very soon, thinking of you.

Blu Thu 14-Jul-05 13:09:47

Sending love, Misdee.

RnB Thu 14-Jul-05 13:10:34

Message withdrawn

ScummyMummy Thu 14-Jul-05 13:11:07

Me too.

misdee Thu 14-Jul-05 13:11:27

i feel a bit sick, and stupid for not taking my mobile. havent spoken to him yet, but exp[ect he is out of it on morphine again.

Hausfrau Thu 14-Jul-05 13:11:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Twiga Thu 14-Jul-05 13:12:01

lol x

hunkermunker Thu 14-Jul-05 13:13:03

He didn't need to be moved to ITU afterwards, so hopefully that's a good sign.

Thinking of you all xxxxxxxxxxxxx

misdee Thu 14-Jul-05 13:13:50

i know thats good. but its so hard. wish i could drive now! i'd be there dawn to dusk.

misdee Thu 14-Jul-05 13:20:32

well have just re-booked my lessons starting next week (i cancelled last week and this week) and am looking at booking test for sept. yikes!!

hunkermunker Thu 14-Jul-05 13:39:21

Brilliant, Misdee! You'll have your own wheels in no time!

misdee Thu 14-Jul-05 13:47:35


jessicaandbumpsmummy Thu 14-Jul-05 14:08:16

awww hun, im sorry. I hope things look brighter when you see him later.

Thinknig of you all x

misdee Thu 14-Jul-05 20:28:03

it wasnt a red blood cell clot, it was a platlet clot. very unusual. he has a drai nin his leg now, but leg is looking good, they had to hunt to find it.

saw another man with the same VAD as Peter having one of his 1st walks with his 'shopping' trolly. had a chat to his wife who just melted over dd3.
Peter is going to turn into a cup of tomato soup soon.

Hulababy Thu 14-Jul-05 20:29:56

Sorry for this obstacle misdee But it must be positive that he wasn't moved to ITU, yes?

lemonice Thu 14-Jul-05 20:31:09

Hi Misdee

It's a bit silly to tell you of all people that there will be ups and downs, but as long as these challenges keep coming along i will be thinking of you..


anorak Thu 14-Jul-05 20:50:04

Oh poor Peter. Hope he's feeling better really soon misdee xxx

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