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bodily functions - long/heavy periods :-(

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lucy01 Thu 14-Jul-05 11:47:09

I'm starting to get a bit worried - started my period early last week. Light at first but that is normal but now I am still bleeding. Been having lots of clotty bits and it is very fast (keeping lilets in business here).

Have two children (3 & 18m) and on the minipill and don't think I am pregie but have history of having period like bleeds throughout pregnancies. I know I should just go and do a preg test (ostrich syndrome is my speciality) but I'm scared in case I am pregnant/miscarried (want another baby but hubbie doesn't (over 50) and can understand why).

Anybody experience longwinded periods like this. Is my body just having a good "clear out" or should I be concerned?

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