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cant find any info about this specific birth mark

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nailpolish Wed 13-Jul-05 23:04:03

a friend had a lovely little boy 2 weeks ago now. when he was born it was noticed that he had a fairly large birth mark over half his temple, reaching into his hair and down almost touching his left eye.

the birth mark is very slightly raised, but its like minute little dots all joined together, with more dots spaced at the birth mark edges.

where it is through his hair, there is no hair on it (he otherwise has lots of hair). it is skin coloured

he has another, more worrying looking mark almost at his crown, same sort of thing but it peaks to what looks remarkably like a large nipple, again skin coloured

because it is so close to his eye, the docs are worried about his sight (although his eye looks just like his other one, no squint or anything)

the little lad has been referred to a dermatologist and an eye doc (cant remember what they are called), but in the meantime, waiting to see the docs, my friend is worried, she cant find much on the web about this

any experience among you lot? TIA

nailpolish Wed 13-Jul-05 23:35:14


Skribble Wed 13-Jul-05 23:59:05

No experience in this but try

nailpolish Thu 14-Jul-05 00:05:16


it says port wine stains can be pale pink - this is the nearest info i have found to what baby has

Skribble Thu 14-Jul-05 00:14:39

Cant do likes but I gooled for "birthmarks baby" and got this.

"Most common are stork-marks - flat pink areas at the back of the neck, or between the eyebrows, which become more vivid when the baby cries. These fade quickly, usually over a few months."

"The colour of a Port Wine Stain can vary from pale pink to a dark claret or purple.

One important discriminating feature of a Port Wine Stain is that it is level with the surface of the skin, unlike another common birthmark, the Strawberry Naevus, which is raised and lumpy"

Skribble Thu 14-Jul-05 00:15:42

I meant links, but the mood I'm in is making likes hard too but thats mostly with DH

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